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Wylie Zoran Endal is the only son of Prentice and Cyrah Endal and is Maruca's second cousin.

He was orphaned after Prentice's memory break and Cyrah's death by fading. After these incidents, Tiergan both adopted and raised him. As of Legacy, Wylie lives with Prentice. Wylie is a Flasher, like his mother. Wylie initially disliked Sophie, blaming her for his father's memory break — though he eventually realizes that it wasn't her fault and is now on good terms with Sophie. (They're both also members of Team Valiant.) Wylie is registered for matchmaking and has already received his first list.

The name "Wylie" is an Old English name, meaning "clever" or "crafty". His middle name, "Zoran", is a Slavic name meaning "dawn".


Wylie is said to resemble Prentice in appearance. He has dark skin[1], but it is lighter than his father's, and his features are sharper.[2][3] He has his father's hair, lips, and piercing blue eyes[4], and he is tall and strong, with broad shoulders.[5] Sophie has characterized his grin like his mother's the few times she has seen it.[5]

“His eyes were Prentice's eyes—only full of life and a million conflicting emotions.”

—Narration, in Exile, page(s) 449, Ebook

In Lodestar, his demeanor changed drastically due to the Neverseen's attack on him — perhaps scarring him forever due to the mental and emotional trauma they wrought. He doesn't seem to have any lingering scars from the attacks, however.[6]


Special Ability[]

Wylie is a Flasher, meaning that he can control and manipulate light. In Lodestar, it was revealed that he shared this ability with his mother, Cyrah Endal. In Flashback, Wylie frequently used his ability to create shields or weapons when in battle against the Neverseen; these shields were similar to psionipathic force fields. In this same book, it was shown that flashing can also be used to create illusions.


Match Status: Registered, 1 list received.

For a long time, Sophie and Wylie's relationship was tense due to him believing it was Sophie's fault that Prentice, Wylie's father, had his memory broken. They now, however, are on more amiable terms due to Sophie healing Prentice. It also seems Wylie has been able to accept that it was Prentice’s choice to risk his sanity. They are also now both members of Team Valiant.

Wylie, Dex, and Tam fought against the Neverseen to rescue Sophie, Fitz, and their bodyguards. There isn't much dialogue shared between the two of them, so we have little information on their relationship.

Tam and Wylie were hesitant friends at first. They have lived with each other for some time in Tiergan's house, Solreef. In Flashback, Wylie and Tam had to combine their Shade and Flasher abilities to create an illusion to hide the troll hive.

Linh and Wylie both live in Tiergan's Estate and have grown very close. After Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen in Lodestar, Linh helped him recover through the use of her Hydrokinetic abilities. Wylie and Linh spend lots of time together. In Linh's registry file, the Council takes note of their relationship,

As of Unlocked Linh and Wylie are both living at Tiergan's house, making them foster siblings.

  • DEX (friend/ Co-worker)

Dex and Wylie fought together against the Neverseen in Flashback. They are both members of Team Valiant. Not much is known about their relationship.

  • BIANA (friend/ Co-worker)

Both Biana and Wylie are part of Team Valiant. Not much is known about their relationship.

Not much is known about their relationship except that she cares for him a lot, especially when he was badly injured during Lodestar. When she found out Wylie was seriously injured, she begged Sophie to take her to see him, revealing that they were cousins. Wylie also asked Sophie not to allow Maruca to join the Black Swan.

After Prentice's was sent to Exile, Tiergan, Prentice's close friend and colleague, adopted Wylie. He cares for Wylie, and is like an uncle/father figure. They both dislike the Council.

Cyrah Endal was Wylie's mother. After she died in a light leap incident, Wylie grew into a state of depression. Wylie was present when Cyrah passed, however, he was too late to save her.

Prentice Endal is Wylie's father. His mind was shattered, and afterwards Wylie was heartbroken. When Prentice regained consciousness with the assistance of Sophie and Fitz, Wylie was overjoyed.

Stina is Wylie's co-worker in Team Valiant. They aren't known to talk much, and they don't know each other well. Aside form being members of the same team, it's safe to say Stina and Wylie have no relationship.


Wylie has a tendency to hold grudges, as he did with Sophie after she was initially unable to heal his father. However, after becoming further acquainted with him throughout the story, he shows incredible loyalty and bravery. For instance, in Flashback, he goes to save Sophie, Fitz, Grizel, and Sandor, even though well aware that the Neverseen would target him as well.


Book 2: Exile[]

While Sophie is visiting her tree during a trip to Wanderling Woods with Grady and Edaline, Wylie is seen mourning at his mother's grave.

Book 5: Lodestar[]

During Lodestar, Wylie was attacked by the Neverseen for information about his mother. It is unknown why the Neverseen wanted to know about Cyrah's death. Wylie escaped from the Neverseen with many burns and injuries from his torture. He physically recovered from the attack but is psychologically hurt with injuries only time can heal. He was being kept sedated at the end of the book until he could wake up safely.


Book 7: Flashback[]

Wylie is on the cover of Flashback, creating illusions with Tam. Wylie, along with Dex and his bodyguard Lovise, comes to the rescue of Sophie, Fitz, Grizel, and Sandor when they were attacked at their secret training grounds. Wylie makes a spear out of light, and uses his ability in other ways as to counter Ruy's Psionipath talent and Umber's Shade talent. Wylie spends time in Flashback doing memory exercises with his father Prentice. In Flashback, it is revealed that Fintan and Brant were misinformed when they attacked Wylie and did not know he was not present at Cyrah's death. Gethen did know, but he was imprisoned in Lumenaria. It is also revealed that Wylie has gaps in his memory that Fintan claims are relevant to what Cyrah hid from them. The Neverseen believe Wylie was told certain important information by his mother Cyrah but then had it erased so it would exist but not be easily accessed.

Book 8: Legacy[]

In Legacy, he becomes a part of Team Valiant. His circlet gem is revealed to be an opal, and his mascot animal is a wyvern.


“That's why you're going to make a great leader—and I don't just mean of this team. I had my doubts about Project Moonlark for a long time. I think you know that better than anyone. But... even with everything that happened to my dad, I can still tell... the Black Swan really got it right with you.”

—Wylie, in Legacy


  • Wylie has Spyball approval.
  • He is a Foxfire graduate, from both Basic and Elite Levels.
  • Wylie is often seen in the Wanderling Woods by his mother, Cyrah's tree.
  • He was living in Solreef with his adoptive father, Tiergan, but once his biological father's mind was healed, reports say that he moved in with his father. That location is unknown.
  • Wylie works with the Black Swan, but it's unclear whether or not he swore fealty.
  • In Nightfall, it was mentioned that Wylie likes listening to music.

Character Bio by Shannon Messenger[]

He may seem like he only plays a small role at the beginning of the series, but Wylie is the kind character who sneaks up on you, becoming more and more important with each book. He’s older than Sophie and her friends—He has already finished the elite level at Foxfire. And thanks to some heartbreaking things in his past, he sometimes struggles with the choices Sophie is forced to make. But deep down he knows she’s trying her best. And he never gives up hope that someday the broken parts of his life will finally be fixed.[7]

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