“"Okay, this is the coolest place I've ever seen," Dex said as he craned his neck to study the metal-and-glass structure, which couldn't seem to decide if it was a mansion or a machine.”

Dex, in Book 7: Flashback Page 432 Hardcover

Widgetmoor is Tinker's residence, which draws energy from the earth, air, and water, but never fire; Tinker only allows sunlight in small amounts, since she prefers the cold. It is a metal and glass structure which looks like a mansion and machine. A brassy funnel, which looks like a tuba, swallowed a thick stream of frothy water, powering the building. Many mechanical animals live there, made by Tinker.

Appearance Edit

Spinning cogs decorate the sweeping arches and ornate columns that formed the main building, which framed a massive clock tower, except the frosted glass face had five hands instead of two and five symbols instead of twelve numbers. The same symbols were also used to mark each of the contraptions attached in a neat row along the very top edge of the tower's roof. The first looked like a sundial, the second some sort of weather vane, the third an anemometer, the fourth being a rain gauge and the last being something that was shiny and spinning fast. There were pipes gleaming in copper, silver, gold, brass, and steel jutting from the roof of the main building at varying heights and angles, unleashing thick white steam into the sky, others sneaking down the sides of the earth, tunneling into the earth.

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