This is a list of weapons in the Lost Cities. Some are somewhat similar to human weapons, but others are extremely different.

Known Weapons: Edit

Melder: By far the most commonly used weapon that we know of. It is described as a sleek, silver blaster that discharges energy from a distance, paralyzing the recipient. It is used by elves.

Goblin Throwing Stars: This weapon is used mainly by the goblins (Sandor, Grizel, Brielle) and seems to resemble a ninja star of some sorts.

Shamkniv: This weapon was mentioned in Book 6: Nightfall, by the ogre king, King Dimitar. This weapon is a curved blade that is used to punish Mercadirs. It leaves permanent scars in a distinctive shape when used. Sometimes, when Dimitar is seriously displeased, he will dip the Shamkniv in flesh-eating bacteria before using it. This was the weapon used to torture Lady Gisela.

Grusom-Daj: An ogre mind trick that emits a high piercing sound that will harm any normal elves' hearing and mind, causing a similar effect to Inflicting. This did not work on Sophie.

Soporidine: An extremely powerful sedative, which the Neverseen turned into a weapon by creating lethal blobs of the substance and inserting them into a gun. An extremely small dose of it can still knock you out for two or three days.

Daggers: Goblin daggers are very similar to the human version. Sandor taught Sophie how to throw daggers in Book 7: Flashback.

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