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Waywards are the students that attend Exillium, and they are banished from the Lost Cities. Waywards train to learn skills that are normally not learned at Foxfire. They are a parallel to the Foxfire Prodigies. They are often sent to Exillium as a punishment for a crime they have committed, as well as not manifesting an ability. They also have a reputation of being “bad kids”, but are often misunderstood. They wear Ability Pins, so people around them know what their abilities are. They are put into hemispheres by a test and everyone has to wear a mask and hood to hide their faces. Good food and proper medicine was not provided until Neverseen, where Sophie convinced Councillor Oralie to send supplies. Waywards have to use beads with only one flake of crystal to light-leap to the school's location. The location changes every day, so Waywards have to earn a bead every day by proving they should be allowed to stay. The three Hemisphere's colors are purple, blue and red.

Known Waywards[]

Reasons for Attendance[]

Linh Song

Linh went to Exillium due to her lack of control in her ability. She soon became "The Girl of Many Floods" and was banished, melting her registry pendant not long after.

Tam Song

Tam wasn't sentenced to Exillium, but he wasn't going to leave his sister alone nor did he want to live with his parents.

Sophie Foster

Sophie went to Exillium after being banished from the Lost Cities. She offered to go to Exillium in exchange for keeping Councillor Kenric's cache.

Keefe Sencen

Keefe went to Exillium along with the rest of his friends after his banishment.

Dex Dizznee

Dex went to Exillium along with the rest of his friends after his banishment.

Biana Vacker

Biana went to Exillium along with the rest of her friends after her banishment.

Fitz Vacker

Fitz went to Exillium along with the rest of his friends after his banishment.

Ruy Ignis

Not much is known about why Ruy went to Exillium, but he was "proven unstable and unfit for society" and his actions were "irredeemable" which is not a term to be taken lightly as said by Mr. Forkle.

Timkin Heks

Timkin was expelled from Foxfire after faking an ability as he is Talentless but earned his way back to spend his final years.