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Water is one of the six Elvin elements.


As stated by Lady Zillah in Flashback, "All the elements have somewhat of a personality". She also mentions that water "roars," while the other elements may "dream" or "pulse."

Linh, a main character in the series who is a hydrokinetic (meaning that she can control water), states that, "Water begs for my attention, but too often it's a trick." She says that sometimes she can not fully control the element of water, so in order to prevent that as much as possible, she looks for "fixed points," or "tiny drops of steady among the chaos." It gives her "something to focus on" and helps her "keep a tighter hold." However, she also added that the more water there is, the more it slips beyond her control.

Associated Abilities

Hydrokinesis is the ability that is generally associated with water. However, it is important to note that cryokinesis, whose manifesters are more commonly known as Frosters, can also be considered an ability related to water.

Bottle of Youth

Youth, generally kept in a Bottle of Youth, is the elves' version of drinking water. Humans generally get their drinking water from purified sources, with some extra fluorine (and other minor substances) in it. Elves also have a purified version of drinking water, but instead of fluorine, there are other vitals and vitamins in the water, so Sophie describes the mixture as "cold and slightly sweet, and somehow more refreshing."[1]

Locations where water is prominent/present in large amounts in the Lost Cities


This river is behind the Dizznee household of Rimeshire. It's a prime spot for kelpies.

This river divides the ogre city of Ravagog in two parts.

This river is the most direct path to Ravagog, and once housed Riverdrift. It is noted to be home to pannoniasauruses.


There is a lake on the property of Everglen; it is an average lake.

Being the home of Juline Dizznee, it is only expected that the area be surrounded by solid water formations.

Lord Cassius's getaway home is none other than a beach house; right next to the ocean.

It was mentioned that Linh's hydrokinesis ability and the location of her former residence clashed a lot in the past.



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