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Watchward Heath is one of Mr. Forkle's private offices. It is protected through five different kinds of security and only seven people in the world know how to find it. It is described as a curved white room which gives it the appearance of an egg, with grates in the ceiling. There is a single bulb in the middle of the room which hangs over a round, silver table and the walls and floor are smooth and bare. The table is also a 3-D map of Earth that can display all the worlds of the intelligent species as well as the Forbidden Cities. Mr. Forkle can also tap into any human security cameras from there. It has a security feature made by Tinker that allows Mr. Forkle to eject a person from the hideout. Sophie comes here to have a meeting with Mr. Forkle where they plan a strategy allowing them to see where the Neverseen's next attack will be, and more.

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