A Washer is a specially trained telepath who can erase minds and memories. Sophie's human family—William, Emma, and Amy Foster—had their memories of Sophie wiped from their minds by a washer (Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities). In Book 4: Neverseen, Keefe found memories that were washed from his mind by Lady Gisela's order. In some of these memories, Lady Gisela calls for, or asks some one else to call for, a Washer. This Washer is presumed to be Gethen because he mentions he was recruited for his washing abilities. One Washer is mentioned in Book 6: Nightfall when Sophie's human parent's memories had to be erased for their sanity. Kenric is also mentioned to be a Washer in Book 8.5: Unlocked.

Known Washers[edit | edit source]

He came in the book Nightfall, to wash Sophie's human parents' memory about their capture.

He mentions that he was recruited to the Neverseen for his superior washing abilities.

It is said in Book 8.5: Unlocked that he was one of the best Washers, that it was often his job to wash the minds of the other Washers, to make sure they hadn't inadvertently anything from their assignments.

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