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Vika Heks is an Empath and is married to Timkin Heks, a Talentless, but despite this, she is not considered a bad match. This may have been because the Heks family knows someone in the matchmaking office. Her first appearance was in Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities. Where she was at Slurps and Burps accusing Dexter Dizznee for putting a balding serum in her daughter‘s Lushberry juice. She comes from a long line of Empaths who work well with unicorns and her family helped rehabilitate the first alicorn, Greyfell. Vika is very ambitious, and her family attempts to steal Silveny during the middle of the night so that they can rehabilitate her. She is renowned for her bad attitude in the Lost Cities. In Flashback, her and Stina were the ones to deliver Greyfell and Silveny's twin alicorn babies.

Relationships Edit

Stina is Vika's daughter and is at Level Four at Foxfire, is an empath like her mother.

Timkin is Vika's husband, a Talentless and a member of the Black Swan.

Vika doesn't like Sophie.

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