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Vespera is an ancient elf who is a part of the Neverseen. Formerly confined to Lumenaria, Vespera was hidden away to such a degree that not even the Council knew her name and she's thought to be a Forgotten Secret. Only her bodyguards were given this information, under strict orders to never disclose such knowledge to anyone. Vespera is a very powerful Empath who was numbed from experiencing the emotions of other people for extended periods of time. Vespera was associated with Luzia Vacker, and developed the system by which majority of the illusions used in the Elvin world are created, something Vespera later became embittered by.


Book 5: Lodestar[]

She was one of the four Neverseen members escaping from Lumenaria.

Book 6: Nightfall[]

Vespera joins forces with Lady Gisela because it was the best option over imprisonment, though she still thought that Lady Gisela's views were incorrect. Vespera sees her as a person who took her dream (Nightfall) and did not see the point of it and built a flawed version of it. When Sophie and her friends went to her Nightfall to rescue Sophie's parents, she showed herself in an illusion of mirrors light. She and Biana fought against each other when Biana managed to sneak into the secret place where Fintan Pyren and Vespera were hiding, and Vespera smashed her into the mirror. Biana got thin, permanent scars on her arms, neck, and back as a result.

Book 7: Flashback[]

It was Vespera’s voice that caused Alvar to regain his memories.

Book 8: Legacy[]

She along with Gethen was in the Loamnore's marketplace. She was defeated, although Biana thought she did it on purpose so she would be in control as Lady Gisela's plan failed.


Vespera is seen to be a shockingly pale female with thick arched eyebrows, angled cheekbones, long pointy ears, and a sharply curved mouth. Her azure eyes are wide-set and show no emotion. As said in Book 7: Flashback, Vespera wears gowns that used to be fitted, but now hang off her frail shoulders due to weight loss. She often wears something that resembles a Tudor headdress that works like a Thinking Cap.

“"There was an unnatural stillness to her face. As if she wasn't used to moving or speaking. Or feeling.....”

—Narration, in Nightfall


Vespera is known as cruel, unkind, and always sees the people around her who work with her as unneeded and could be traitors. She always talks about ruthlessness. This is shown in Atlantis as she built her own facility underneath it, and its purpose was human experimentation. She kidnapped hundreds of humans who lived in Atlantis and experimented on them, trying to see why their minds did not shatter when they committed acts of violence. As well as experimentation, it is possible that she kept them down there until they died, experimenting until the very end, as letting the humans go would possibly get her imprisoned. Another example of this is when Sophie is in her version of Nightfall, she says that every person around you should be disposed of because it means one more person to ruin your plans and betray you. She also says that Sophie is weak because she tries to save everyone, while she should just escape even though she would not be able to take everyone with her in the process, which shows Vespera's unkind personality.


“Everyone has grown so accustomed to mediocrity that when they find themselves faced with true greatness, they fail to appreciate it.”

—Vespera, in Nightfall


  • Vespera means "evening star" in Latin.
  • Neci means "fire" in Macedonian.
  • Folend means "dedicator" in Bulgarian


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