Vertina is a spectral mirror. Spectral mirrors are technologically advanced mirrors designed to assist elves as they get ready, but many dislike their criticism. Although Vertina is technology, she is very lifelike. She had formed a friendship with Jolie in the years before her death. She is loyal to Jolie even after she dies and holds many of her secrets. Vertina was trusted by her more than any of Jolie's other friends, who abandoned Jolie after she and Brant were declared a bad match. Her mirror used to be in Jolie's room but was moved to Sophie's when Edaline caught her sneaking around in Jolie's room. Vertina makes her first appearance in Book 2: Exile. In Book 5: Lodestar, Edaline says that Sophie should ask Vertina about Jolie's "horror stories" from when Grady talked to her about boys.

In Book 3: Everblaze, after she is moved to Sophie's room, Vertina unintentionally lets Sophie know that she has a secret of Jolie's that she can only tell when Sophie guesses the password. Once Sophie learns the password, Swan Song, Vertina gives Sophie a clue written by Jolie that leads Sophie to find Jolie's journal.

In Flashback, she was mentioned when Sophie was trying to describe how horrific she looked.

Appearance Edit

Vertina has straight black hair, pale skin, sapphire blue eyes, and wears an emerald green gown. She looks like she is about fifteen, and has a snotty glare, which Sophie describes as "the look older kids give you when they know they are cooler and older than you." She is located in the upper left part of the mirror.

Personality Edit

Vertina acts over-the-top snobby when Sophie first meets her but ends up being kind to Sophie (in her own way, that is). Vertina is also extremely loyal. Even when Sophie figured out Jolie's secret password, Vertina was hesitant to tell Sophie the secret, because "she had been keeping it for so long." She also is noted to insult Sophie's appearance many times. She has urged Sophie many times to try lip gloss or other cosmetic products, which Sophie refuses.

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