This article is about the former Neverseen hideout. You may be looking for the star named Valkonian.

Valkonian is one of the Neverseen's former sixteen hideouts. It is connected by the Lodestar symbol. The shadows in the Cimmerian mirror have to be manipulated such that it curls into a never-ending spiral, creating a gateway into a hidden room. The floor of the hidden room has the Lodestar symbol with runes in another circle at the end of one of the rays, which reads out Pallidrose, a solo star that glows with pure white light. To get to Valkonian, a Shade has to step down on the pool of shadows that gather around the empty circle of the Pallidrose ray, and light leap themselves with the starlight absorbed by the shadows.

Valkonian is an old, decaying castle by the sea. The castle has cracked cut-glass windows. Thick vines cover the stones. The Lodestar symbol is on a mossy, uneven floor.

Valkonian is the place to where the Neverseen brought Wylie Endal when they kidnapped him from the Silver Tower. It is also where Sophie Foster, Tam Song and Fitz Vacker went to investigate but were confronted by Ruy Ignis, Brant, Alvar Vacker and Keefe Sencen.

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