Valin is an elf who attends Foxfire with Sophie. He is "one of Jensi's greasy, ponytailed friends," nicknamed the Drooly Boys by Marella. He meets Sophie in detention when they are forced to ballroom dance together. Valin's arm is very sweaty, his hands are cold and sticky, and he has a blob of drool at the corner of his mouth that won't go away. Keefe teases Sophie about Valin being in love with her, though he says that he felt (Keefe is an Empath) that Valin really did like her. Next detention, Valin stares at Sophie. At midterms, Valin gives Sophie a note that says, "Dear Sophie, I really enjoyed our dance, and I hope we can do it again sometime. Love, Valin." He also gives her a charm bracelet covered in hearts. Later, Keefe threatens to tell everyone that Valin is slipping Sophie love notes.

Relationships Edit

Valin gave Sophie a love note during midterms as well as a heart bracelet. Sophie doesn't return his feelings and, in fact, is disgusted by him.

It is currently unknown whether Valin has gotten over his crush or not.

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