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Basic Information
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The Vackers are the most noble family among the elves. They are looked upon as idols due to their seemingly perfect features and their status. The Vackers are very good friends to the Ruewens. With an exception to Alvar, the Vackers support the Black Swan, with three of them being members of the order. The Vackers value their name and prestige. Because of this, Alvar’s betrayal, Fitz and Biana’s banishment, and the discovery of the Troll hives have brought shame to the youngest generation of Vackers. The Vackers are the closest things to celebrities on the Lost Cities.

The Vacker Legacy[]

The Vacker Legacy described by Alvar Vacker turns out to be more of Luzia Vacker's legacy. Luzia Vacker formed a treasonous alliance with the Trolls, helping and housing their hives on her property. Vespera claims that Luzia used her illusion techniques to hide the hives. Vespera also claimed Luzia Vacker might've been the reason for her jailing to distract and obscure her own doings.


The Vackers may be a little obsessed with their legacy, so much so that they try to hide anything that would tarnish it. After Alvar’s betrayal, some of the other members of the Vacker family looked at Alvar and his family as failures to the Vacker name. They can be so obsessed with their legacy that they tried to cover up the fact that Fallon Vacker and Luzia Vacker are only half-siblings.


The main characters in the series have pale coloring and dark hair, but the Vackers come with every hair color, skin color, feature shape, and body type.


Currently, the Vacker family resides at Everglen (other then Alvar whose whereabouts from Legacy is Candleshade ). According to Flashback, Everglen is an ancient property that Alden inherited from Luzia Vacker. After the inheritance, Alden had the estate renovated. The only remaining part of the original estate is the room Alden currently uses as his office.

Luzia Vacker lives in Dawnheath, and Fallon Vacker lives in Mistmead, as mentioned in Flashback.


“But the Vackers demanded attention in a way she didn't know how to explain. There was something striking about each and everyone of them - which was extra impressive considering how different they looked from each other. She spotted every hair color, skin color, feature shape, and body type. It probably shouldn't have caught her by surprise - the family line went back thousands of years, and the elves didn't separate themselves by appearance the way humans often did. But she was used to how closely Fitz, Biana, and Alvar resembled their parents that she foolishly imagined all the relatives with similar dark hair and pale coloring.”

—Narration, in Flashback

“You'll understand, someday, day when you see the Vacker Legacy for what it is.”

“The air in the room shifted, turning hotter and heavier each stare sent their way- a blast of searing judgement aimed at the family of Vackers who'd brought scorn upon the name. Fitz and Biana seemed to shrink under the weight of it, ducking their chins and picking up their pace as angry murmurs began to swell- starting as a low rustle and growing into a pounding thrum.”

—Narration, in Flashback Page 18


Alden Vacker drawn by Laura Hollingsworth.

Alden Dedrick Vacker[]

Della Adara Vacker[]

Della Vacker drawn by Laura Hollingsworth.

  • Della is described as very beautiful, with pale blue eyes, chocolate brown hair and heart-shaped lips
  • She is a Vanisher, which means she is able to appear and disappear as the light streams through her.
  • She has spyball approval.
  • Della was assigned pathfinders to both the Forbidden Cities and the Lost Cities.
  • She and Alden applied as replacement guardians when Grady and Edaline canceled their adoption of Sophie.
  • She still acts like Sophie's aunt.
  • She is married to Alden Vacker, whom she had three children with, Alvar, Fitz, and Biana.
  • Della, Fitz, and Biana are also part of the Black swan.

Alvar Vacker drawn by Laura Hollingsworth.

Alvar Soren Vacker[]

Fitz Vacker drawn by Laura Hollingsworth.

Fitzroy Avery Vacker[]

  • Fitz is the middle child of the Vacker family
  • Fitz is Sophie's ex-boyfriend WHICH NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED
  • Fitz wants Sophie’s name on his Match Lists.
  • Fitz is also a Telepath like his father.
  • Fitz is also Sophie's Cognate.
  • Fitz is very handsome and has attracted many girls around Foxfire.
  • He is of age to fill out his matchmaking packet.
  • Sophie has a crush on him, and he likes her back.
  • Fitz is called "The Golden Boy" in the family and "Wonderboy" by Dex and Keefe.
  • Fitz is called "Pretty Boy" by Ro, the ogre princess.
  • He used to look up to his brother, Alvar, before he realized that Alvar joined the Neverseen long ago.
  • He looks much like his father, Alden.
  • He seems to not sleep much after two people he care about run off to join the Neverseen, them being his best friend, Keefe Sencen, and his older brother, Alvar.
  • He struggles with the betrayal of his brother, and the gossip that followed.
  • He is very protective of the people he loves.

Biana Vacker drawn by Laura Hollingsworth

Biana Amberly Vacker[]

  • She is as beautiful as her mother, with many of her features, except she has the teal eyes of her dad and Fitz.
  • She is a Vanisher, like her mother, Della.
  • She is gorgeous and attracts lots of guys around Foxfire.
  • She originally hated Sophie, but her father forced her to be nice to Sophie. She realized that Sophie is not as bad as she thought and they are now best friends.
  • Starting from Nightfall, she now has scars on her across the side of her body from when she was thrown into a mirror by Vespera. She wore long sleeves to cover them up for a few weeks, but stopped by the middle of Flashback.
  • Was the youngest elf to get her nexus off—five weeks before Fitz did, breaking his record.
  • Had a crush on Keefe Sencen, and dared him to kiss her on the cheek but turned her head at the last second and Keefe caught a corner of her mouth.
  • Gives her goblin bodyguard Woltzer a very hard time, being a Vanisher
  • Is a member of the nobility like the rest of her family.

Orem Vacker[]

Fallon Vacker[]

Benesh Vacker[]

Harlin Vacker[]

Luzia Vacker[]

Norene Vacker[]

  • Has been a talented Emissary for centuries.


Vacker Crest drawn by Laura Hollingsworth.

The Vacker family crest is described as a pair of gold diamond encrusted wings.

The Vackers if Alden’s mind had stayed shattered