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    My wiki! Please visit!

    February 6, 2019 by TeamKitten

    Please visit the Kittens and Cats wiki! It's a wiki I created, and it has 3 quite active users. Please change that!

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  • TeamKitten

    Minecraft Spiders

    November 30, 2018 by TeamKitten

    You thought this was about Minecraft Spiders? Think again! This is about CATS IN KOTLC!!!!!

    The first cat in Kotlc is Marty. Grey and Fuzzy, Marty was the Foster's family cat. Sophie tripped over him when she new about elves. She was a bit frustrated at the time. Marty reappeared for the second and (for the moment) last time in Nightfall, when Amy 'transferred' to Atlantis.

    The second cat mentioned in the series is Lihn's MurcatMallowmelt in Nightfall. She gets to get it on a bargain boys vs girls in Lodestar. Tam is reluctant but there you go...

    In Nightfall she buys it at Claws, Wings, Horns and things, a store in Atlantis. That was their cover for going to search for Vespera's sign.


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