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    Hello peoples! You shall rejoice, for the final chapter of teal eyes is here! YAY!


    Chapter 3: Biana

    "Your eyes are beautiful." Sophie said.

    Was this a dream? Biana wondered.

    "You're beautiful." Sophie whispered.

    No. It wasn't.

    "I can't believe I fell for the wrong Vacker."

    Then again, maybe it was.

    "Don't fall for Alvar, Soph. He's not good for you." Biana managed to squeak.

    "Not Alvar."

    Biana had figured that much...



    Biana pinched herself, hard.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Making sure this isn't a dream."

    "I'll prove it isn't."

    Sophie and Biana got closer.



    Biana was terrified.

    Sophie was terrified.

    Biana was overjoyed.

    Sophie was overjoyed.

    Biana kissed Sophie.

    Sophie kissed Biana.

    It was perfect.

    (Even though their makeup got messed up)


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  • TeamFosterKeefeWillAlwaysBeCooler

    Sophie's heart had fluttered every time she looked into a pair of teal eyes.

    Because of one person.

    Fitzroy Avery Vacker.

    Not to be confused with Ritzroy Savory Cracker XD

    She had fallen hard for him.

    Her cognate, the first elf she'd ever met.

    The boy with the teal eyes.

    They were the perfect couple.

    Until she ruined it.

    A bad match.

    She decided not to go to the matchmakers.

    Finding out she was unmatchable was okay.

    Fitz was confident it would work out.

    Sophie had to learn her parents eventually.

    Or Mr. Forkle could simply confirm to the matchmakers that she was NOT related to Fitz.

    He never even spoke of "What if you're not on my list?"

    Because it was obvious.

    The moonlark and the golden boy.

    Practically the prince and princess.

    King and Queen.

    But then...


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  • TeamFosterKeefeWillAlwaysBeCooler

    I wrote this random actually okayish Sophiana fanfic on wattpad, and for those of you don't have wattpad, I made it a blog post. 

    You're welcome!

    Chapter one: Biana (I have the same eyes!)

    "Your eyes are beautiful." "Thanks."

    Words Biana had heard thousands of times between her brother and her...

    Best friend?



    Biana had a hard time admitting it, but she was crushing HARD on the Mysterious Miss F.

    "Your eyes are gorgeous. Teal is gorgeous. Your eyes are the reason I love teal." ~Sophie Foster.

    Biana's eyes?




    If Sophie fell for her brother because of his eyes...




    Teal eyes.

    Almost a foolproof way to steal the moonlark's heart.

    Key word: ALMOST!

    Fitz's teal eyes stole Sophie's heart...

    but they fought.

    Over m…

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