Hi everyone so if you know me at all like have talked to me a few times or hear rumors idk really but I'm not doing very well my little episodes are coming more and more I am so annoyed all the time and not really happy and I came to a realise the other night how broken I am and I hate that I am like this and felling like I'm a burden on people with my problems and how I haven't for a long time done things I love like dance,look at the stars or a few other things and I sometimes start thinking things like no one will,notice if I'm gone form the wiki and things like that or I sometimes just want to vandalize my wall or break the rules so I get kick off the wiki but every time I think of that,I think of the few people I talk to all,the time(well more one person really)and then I stop cause I don't want to leave here this place has become my safe place that has kept me form becoming lost and stop functioning but still alot is really bothering me and I probably will have to leave this wiki for awhile soon cause idk when I will get legacy and I hate to spoil it for myself but I will probably still be on other wikis so message me on one of thoughts wikis please

Also please don't freak out too much anyone that reads this 

I hate being broken and feeling like crying and all of this 


Oof I wish I hadn't made this post but I did but all I'm saying is that things are hard and I have realised how broken I have become but hopefully hat will change 

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