So hey anyone I have alot on my plate on and I keep going back on forth on this but I wanted to let you know I keep thinking of leaving let me explain why

First off my life is a mess and I'm not sure what's going on and its safer for everyone not to hear me stress out

Second my active has dropped for many reasons like above and I haven't read legacy for another

Third my toxic thoughts yeah... so every now and then I think how I'm not a person many people remember or have deep friendships with people on the wiki which is kind of stupid to think that but I do so with that I think no one would notice if I left 

Forth if things go the way I kind of want to go even thought I shouldn't want that I might be around my real life friend more and maybe ashes after I try to pummbl him cough cough hehe 

Fifth myself in all  my time being here I have been a nut job and that has been what held myself together this last 8 months I don't even know I don't do alot of stuff I use to do in all that time I was hurting myself in small ways not deathly but little things like not letting myself dance or look at the stars be truly happy all that and more 

Finally with all this and all the bad stuff I saw on the wiki in my time here it just was alot 

I probably won't be leaving the wiki but I might at least for a while see if I can heal this messed up person know as me more

Next off I have been doing some writing on wattpad one is called Run for it I had to put it on hold since I'm stuck...if anyone wanted to look at it please do 

Also I just started writing a skip-beat! Fanfictons and am going to entra it in a contest 

And I am in a MEP but the video isn't out yet so I can't share it but :)

Um what else is there ah yeah I think that's it's all it is that I have alot on my plate and might leave for a bit unexpectedly but might not just know that. I have a few story's on wattpad if you want to see look up Stars1_Night and if you want to see the mep um look up MultiFanStudios 

Um that's all thanks good night

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