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Sophie stared at the cache in Oralie's hand. It took all of her self-restraint not to grab it. The single marble in the centre. The clue which could finally unlock the Neverseen's secrets. And Sophie knew she had to take the risk. Risk her sanity. Risk Oralie's sanity. And even though she knew that they might not even unlock the cache, Sophie could only hope - as Oralie held the cache to her lips and whispered, 'Stellarlune.'


'First,' Oralie said, smoothing down her gown as she sat under Calla's Panakes tree, 'We both need to have a backup plan, in case what we learn shatters us.'

Sophie wanted to scream. 'Fine. Make it quick. And what are we supposed to do, have a washer on standby?'

Oralie's lips twitched. 'We could. But I was thinking of doing a countdown. Remember what we did to turn off your enhancing?'

Sophie groaned as her mind flashed back to the worst day of her life. 'I do. Is it supposed to "turn off our guilt"?'

'Kind of. Every time we try a password, we'll need to take a break, and remind ourselves that one.' Oralie sighed. 'We aren't doing this for ourselves. Two. IF we open the cache, whatever we find is the Neverseen's fault. Not ours. Do you understand, Sophie?'

'Yes.' Sophie knew what would happen, if guilt made her fall into the deep, dark, cracks. Not to mention the fact that she wouldn't be able to heal minds.

'Good. I'll start. We can take turns.' Oralie held the cache to her lips.

'Wait. I thought it has to be your voice.' Sophie interrupted.

The blonde Councillor shook her head. Then she whispered, 'Stellarlune.'

Nothing happened.

'Try "moonlark".' Oralie suggested as she handed the cache to Sophie.

Sophie ignored her, rolling the cache around in her palm. The coolness of the cache reminded her of moonlight. And there was also a warmth - like sunlight. They brought her back to a day where she had been with her friends. In space. So she brought it to her mouth and whispered, 'Prime Sources.' Sophie held her breath. And they both heard - a click. A lock unlocking. And truths that would shatter the Lost Cities. Forever.


Everything was a blur. A maelstrom he would never escape. 



And changing.

Embrace the change. Embrace the change. Embrace the change.

The mantra swirled around his head. He tried to embrace it. Tried to accept the pain. Then Keefe realised he had felt the same confusion before. Just before he had manifested as an Empath. Which meant... No. No. No. Lady Gisela was giving him a new ability. And he knew he had to do whatever he could to stop that from happening. Because knowing his mom, the ability would be a turning point in the game. So he forced himself to open his eyes.


The crystal suddenly split open - Sophie couldn't describe it in another way. It was as if the crystal was breaking apart, releasing whatever truth the gadget held.

Then an eerie, unearthly female voice sliced into Sophie's consciousness.

'Stellarlune is made of the Prime Sources, etherine and shadowflux, and has three uses. It changes everything, like shadowflux. Like etherine, it controls anything. But it has one other use. A much darker one. Stellarlune - can change any ability to another, or trigger one.' Sophie stared at Oralie with horror in her eyes. 'Which means the Neverseen could...'

'Control, change and ultimately threaten the Lost Cities.' Oralie finished.

'So we have to stop them.' Sophie said determinedly. Then her mind flashed back to all the times they had tried to stop them. And what had happened. All their losses. It couldn't happen again. Not with the whole of the Lost Cities at stake. So Sophie decided it was time to play the Neverseen's game. To fight - but this time - she would be alone.


The first thing Keefe saw was Mrs. Stinkbottom. For some reason, the glittery gulon was wrapped in his arms. He sat up, and saw - Fitz. Fitz's back was to him, and his best friend appeared to be writing something. 


Fitz jumped and turned around. 'Keefe? You're awake?'

'Of course. What are you doing?' Keefe smirked.

'I"ll tell you later. I need to hail Elwin to come and check how you are.' Fitz pulled out his Imparter and whispered the command, 'Show me Elwin.' Fitz's face lit up slightly as the physician picked up.

'Elwin, Keefe just came round. Are you done at the Hekses?' He asked.

Keefe didn't hear the reply, but Fitz shoved the Imparter back into his pocket. 'Why was Elwin at the Hekses? I thought Sophie had a higher tendency to need house calls?'

Fitz stiffened. 'Vika needed some help with an unicorn delivery.'

Keefe opened his mouth to ask more, but at that moment Elwin appeared in the doorway.

'Morning, Keefe. How's the patient?' Elwin set down his satchel.

'I"m fine. How long was I unconscious for?' Keefe tousled his hair.

'You're not gonna like the answer,' Elwin warned.

'I don't care.' 

Elwin sighed. 'How about I do a checkup first, to make sure you're really ok?'

'No.' Keefe needed to know.

'About a month.' Elwin resignedly said.

'A MONTH??!!' Keefe fell back onto the pillows from the result of trying to get out of his cot.

'Yes. Now hold still.' Elwin put on his spectacles.

'Wait. Where's Sophie?' Keefe looked around the Healing Center again.

'She went to Havenfield to take a break. I just took over yesterday.' Fitz answered.

Keefe stiffened at the thought of Sophie. Sophie, watching. Caring.

His heart beat faster as Elwin leant over him with a glowing orb of red light. And then he felt it. Elwin's fear.

'What is it?' Keefe demanded.

Elwin glanced up. 'What is what?'

'What's wrong?'

Elwin looked more haggard than Keefe had ever seen him. 'Keefe - '

'Tell me.'

And Keefe's heart pounded so loudly he almost didn't catch what Elwin said.

'You just manifested another ability.'


The whole of Team Valiant was in Havenfield's spacious living room, and all five team members were feasting on freshly made mallowmelt. Sophie was filling them in on what she and Oralie had learned about stellarlune. Since she had promised herself she wouldn't divulge the identity of her biological mother to anyone, Sophie hadn't resorted to describing Oralie as Councillor Not-her-mom.

Biana broke in. 'So does that mean Lady Gisela wasn't actually a Polyglot?'

'Huh. For once I was only worrying about Keefe.' Dex grinned.

Sophie was to stressed to smile. 'That's a good point. I wonder whether she could have controlled what ability she would change to, and whether Lady Gisela would be able to use stellarlune twice.'

'Did the cache reveal those parts?' Stina set her empty plate on the plush carpet.

Sophie regretfully shook her head. 'I wish. But the other caches might. Though I don't see how we can access those.'

'Hmm.' Wylie stared thoughtfully into space. 'What if we ask Bronte and Terik whether we could access theirs?'

Biana looked at Wylie like he was crazy. 'Are you serious? We can't ask them. The only reason why Sophie agreed to Oralie's plan is because Oralie is the only one that offered. We could get exiled if we went around asking the Councillors for their caches.'

'Okay, okay. Though I don't see you having any better ideas.' Dex retorted.

'Chill, guys. I'm sure Sophie has a plan.' Stina fanned her arm. 'She definitely has a plan.'

'I...' Sophie trailed off, hating that Stina was right. 'But it's too dangerous.'

'Eh, since when has anything we've done been safe, easy, and controllable?' Dex countered.

He had a point. Except... trusting Glimmer? Nobody even knew who she was, or whether the ex-Neverseen agent even knew about stellarlune.

But - couldn't she use her enhanced telepathy to find out who Glimmer was? Because maybe, it was time to break some rules.


'Wait - what? Seriously. What???' Keefe tried not to sound so horrified, but he failed. Miserably. 

'Before you ask, nope, I don't have any idea what ability you manifested.' Elwin ran a hand through his hair. 'The only way to find out is to try testing it, and you will only do that once I've done a very thorough check-up.'

He sighed so loudly it hurt. 'Fine.' 

Elwin laughed and handed Keefe a Bottle of Youth. 'Drink that while I get a few elixirs.

Keefe scowled, but downed the liquid so fast he nearly choked. 'Happy now?'

Fitz snorted. 'Leave it to you to choke on a Bottle of Youth. Even Sophie's never managed that.'

At the mention of Sophie's name, Keefe's heart beat a little faster. 'Speaking of Sophie, are the two of you...'

'We're fine.' Fitz's voice grew noticeably colder. 'We stopped dating as Sophie told me she wasn't ready for any relationships right now.'

'Oh.' Keefe's small amount of hope instantly disappeared. If she wouldn't date Fitz, she definitely wouldn't date him. 

Fitz turned to the window, and even with the distance, Keefe could feel Fitz's dissappointment. His anger. His betrayal. But most of all, his love.

Keefe closed his eyes. Maybe he should've just gotten over his crush on Sophie before they started dating. Then he wouldn't have been so jealous.

'Um... what the heck is going on?' Fitz strode across the room.

'Huh?' Keefe's eyes popped open. 

'Uh, you don't think this is wierd?' Fitz's arms were thrashing around, and his legs were twitching and jerking.

'What on earth...'

'Wait.' Fitz stared at his friend. 'Are you a...'

And then they realised the truth. Keefe was a Mesmer.


'Sooooo, just to get this clear, you want Linh and Tam to bring Glimmer over?' Wylie asked skeptically. 'No way she's gonna agree to that. She knows we're trying to find out who she is.'

‘Please? The only other option is for Fitz and I to try searching her mind from here, and I don’t want to do that. It’ll break the ethics of telepathy, and she might have been trained like Gethen.’ And fun as that sounded… maybe breaking the rule number 1 of telepathy would help Fitz and her to get back together.

Wylie dragged a hand down his face. 'Ok, I'll see what I can do.'

‘Thank you. Why don’t the rest of us work on how to track the Neverseen while Wylie focuses on persuading Glimmer?’ Sophie remembered how important multi-tasking was.

'How would we do that?' Stina flipped her hair, as Wylie leaped off the property.

'If you think about it, they've been pretty adept at tracking us. Why not turn the tables on them? Aromark, shadowflux, you name it.' Sophite turned to Dex. 'Do you think you could invent a tracking device they wouldn't notice?'

'Maybe.' Dex sounded hesitant. 'I doubt I could make a tracker that the Neverseen's Technopath wouldn't detect.'

'Hmm. Maybe I should enhance you and see if that gives you any inspiration.' Sophie fidgeted with her gloves.

Dez blushed. 'Ok.'

He held out his hand, and Sophie peeled off her gloves.

Their hands touched, and Dex would have had collapsed if Biana hadn't caught him by the waist.

'Thanks.' Dex looked slightly faint.

'Anytime." Biana smiled as she lowered him to the grassy pastures of Havenfield.

'I...I don't know.' Dex sounded weary. 'They probably have nulls, and I don't think I could invent something that could bypass a null.'

Sophie felt deflated, reminding her of Lady Galvin's cape which had melted to the floor during her first alchemy session. Alchemy. That was it. 'What about a chemical, or a - a, well, maybe something like aromark or bludgeblot?'

Dex bit his lip. 'But if they're working with the ogres, then...'

'Sophie.' It took Sophie a second to realise who had spoken. 'Why would we need tracking devices when you're basically one yourself?' 

Sophie's eyes widened. Stina was right. They didn't need tracking devices thanks to her enhanced telepathy. But Sophie knew she'd need Fitz's help.

'Ok. I'll do it. But...' She turned to Biana. 'I'll need your brother's help.'

Biana nodded. 'I can hail him now.'

'Great.' And despite their breakup, Sophie's heart still fluttered.

Biana pulled out her Imparter and held it to her mouth. After a few seconds, the screen lit up her face. Biana spoke indistinctly, until she sucked in a breath, and turned to her friends. 'Keefe's... awake. And a Mesmer.'


'Why would my mom make me manifest as a Mesmer?' Keefe had sunk onto his cot.

'The same reason they tried to persuade Grady to join their organisation?' Fitz cocked an eyebrow. 

Keefe looked up. 'But - my mom knows I'll never join the Neverseen. Unless...' He trailed off.

'They have something you need - or want.' Elwin's voice had turned 50 shades darker.

'Like... my memories?'


Keefe was about to say more, when he heard a commotion in the corridor. The next second, Sophie, Biana, Wylie, and Stina burst through the door.

'Keefe! You're awake!' Sophie's flushed cheeks made her look even more gorgeous than usual, and Keefe almost blushed.


'I heard you manifested as a Mesmer.' Biana sank onto his cot, looking concerned.

'I - well - yes, I did. But I'm not going to use it to the Neverseen's advantage.'

'That's a relief.' Fitz's crisp, accented voice broke in. Sophie turned to him.

How are you? Sophie transmitted.

I could be better. But I guess that's what all of us feel like.

Mmm. Have you had any leads on where Alvar is?

Fitz's eyes clouded over. Not yet. Hopefully I will soon.

I see. Sophie paused.

By the way, I need your help. It's about the Neverseen.

I was wondering when you'd start including me.

Sophie heard the traces of hurt in his voice.

Fitz, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you away. It's been - a hectic week.

I know. I'm sorry too. I'll do whatever you want. And...

What? Sophie prompted.

I might need your help as well. To find Alvar.

With telepathy?

Seems worth a shot, right? I mean, what do we have to lose?

Well, I was actually a little - I don't know. Fact is, Stina suggested using our combined telepathy to track the Neverseen.

Fitz's eyes widened. However, before he could say anything, Keefe had to interrupt.

'Hey, no telepathic conversations when the rest of us are here, remember?'

Fitz sighed. 'Dude, it's important.'

'If it's important, then say it out loud.'

Before Fitz could argue, Sophie quickly transmitted, We'll talk later, okay? Keefe has a point.

Fitz gave a small nod.

Then Stina asked the question that everyone had been dreading - because it would prove that stellarlune could, in the hands of the Neverseen, control the Lost Cities. 'So you have two abilities now?'

But instead of saying 'yes', Keefe replied, 'No.'

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