heLLO everyone!

Many of probably already know that the fabulous cover of Unlocked is out!

We'll be holding a contest to create a new background for the wiki based on it.


  • You must have a wiki account to submit. Multiple people are allowed to work on the same submission, and they do not all need to have wiki accounts as long as one of them, the submitter, does.
  • PNG or JPG
  • 300 kilobytes file limit
  • Prominently features Sophie or Sophie/Silveny from the cover of Unlocked (recommended on either side of it so that page contents won't cover it).
  • Submit by July 21, 2020 11:59 P.M. CDT by messaging me.
  • Matches the wiki's color scheme
  • Reference this for other advice

Administrators (SophitzFoster, Mint-chocolate-mallowmelt, CherryRipplepuffs) will review the submissions and select the one we think would be best for the wiki.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!


P.S. We've had a bit of a problem with badge categories. If you would make sure your badges are in the categories with "Template" in the name (e.g. Category:Templates:Badges instead of Category:Badges, that would be greatly appreciated.

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