Hey everyone!

If you aren't caught up, reference this last blog post for information on the contest.

I attempted to upload each submission in the Theme Designer to view how they would look, but I encountered a problem: Less than one-third of the submissions were under 300 kilobytes, one requirement for participating in the contest.

So, if you are not one of the following users, you have until Thursday, July 23, midnight CT to fix your submission and send your updated submission to me.

Users that have the correct file size: KOTLCandBROADWAY, Krikorandfriends, The Anonymous Asteroid, Light and Bright, Her Cinnamonrollness, HappyShadowThoughts411, and Dotty Zebra Danio.

Unfortunately, if you do not fix your submission, it is unusable and must be disqualified.

Thank you,


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