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Why HELLO there youngling. If you missed it, the last installment of this series was on pairings. In this series, I'll be showing you how to create article pages for each of our primary categories. In this endeavor, I hope to make creation of article pages easier and more uniform.

Today I'll be teaching you how to make a character page. In the first section, I'll break down the pieces of the page and what to put in each one. At the end, I'll have a base code you can copy and paste for easier page creation, if you'd like.


Naming character pages is typically simple: Just put the full name of the character. There are a few more complicated situations, though.

  • If the character was originally under two names and it was later revealed that they were the same (as in Granite and Tiergan), you can just have a page for each. Put a notice at the top (I recommend Template:Youmay) with links to the other pages.
  • If the character has a title, use the form of their name most commonly used in the series. For example, Sophie is now technically "Lady Sophie," but she is referred to as "Sophie" most of the time, so her page reflects that. Lady Cadence, on the other hand, is always referred to with her title.
  • If the character doesn't have a name, they probably don't need a page. You need not make a page for "Marella's Friend" because the series mentioned a friend of Marella once. Generally, you should only make a page if someone would search for a page under that title. So if "Marella's Friend" is called that in the series, you might make her one.

Intro Section

Just explain who the character is and any important facts about them. What is their role in the series? Protagonist? Antagonist? Sophie's best friend? Neverseen member? Try to explain it. Do they have any notable family members? How old are they? Whatever you think is vital information about them should be included here. (Don't forget the infobox.)


Yeah, just describe anything we know about their appearance. Hair color, eye color, skin color, birthmarks, scars, tattoos, hairstyle, hair length.

If they have a lot of canon art (maybe 3-4+), you might make them a gallery page and link to it here.


You're probably not going to need this section for any non-main character. But for characters with lots of nicknames, like Sophie, just do this:

  • Insert nickname here doodoo (here put either who gave them the nickname or insert a reference with a page number)
  • next nickname (Keefe likes giving people nicknames so I'll namedrop him. Keefe came up with this nickname on this occasion)



This character has this trait, which was demonstrated on this significant occasion, or here is other evidence I have for why they have this trait.


The more specific you can be, the better! Instead of "Nice," the character might be "polite," "considerate," "forgiving," or "compassionate." See how each of those tells you a lot more about the character?

Ability (name this section specifically, like "Technopathy")

Talk about the character's special ability, if they have one. When did they manifest? How good are they at it? Was there a key scene in the book their ability affected?



This heading is only necessary if the character has important background information to give, before the series takes place.

Book 1

What role did they play in this book? How did they affect it?

Book 5

See how I skipped some books there? If they didn't appear in the book, there's no need to list it.


In this section, you'll describe any key relationships they have. Relationships are an important part of books! Are they dating/engaged/married? Do they have any close friends? And so on. Especially list any relationships they have with main characters.

  • Character (relationship)

Describe how they interact with each other, how close they are, etc.

An example heading ^


  • Is there a raw line from this character that makes your heart skip? A funny line you can't get out of your head? Or just a line that tells you something important about them? Share it!
  • You could also share their introductory line or something if you'd like.
  • This is one of my favorite sections!


This is the section for any fun facts, especially any that aren't directly from the books. For example, the meaning of a character's name or something Shannon Messenger shared about them. Like did you know that Sophie was originally named "Agnes McWeenie"?


There's no need to make a separate section for this. Just, at the bottom of the page, place this template:

Major Characters

Sophie Elizabeth FosterFitzroy Avery VackerBiana Amberly VackerDexter Alvin DizzneeMarella Adene RedekKeefe SencenTam Dai SongLinh Hai SongWylie Zoran Endal

Known Black Swan Members
Mr. ForkleBlurCoiffeDella Adara VackerGraniteJuline Kalea DizzneeLivvyLurMagnate Leto KerlofMityaPrentice EndalSiorSir Tiergan Andrin AlenefarSir AstinSquallTimkin HeksTinkerWraithJolie Lucine Ruewen

Known Neverseen Members
Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who DisappearedBrantFintan PyrenGethenLady Gisela Minette SencenRuy Tonio IgnisTrixUmberVespera Neci Folend

Important Bodyguards

Alden Dedrick VackerElwin HeslegeLady Cadence TalleLord Cassius SencenEdaline Kelia RuewenGrady Howell Ruewen

Secondary Characters

Elves (Category)
Councillors (current and former)
Councillor AlinaCouncillor BronteCouncillor ClaretteCouncillor DarekCouncillor EmeryCouncillor LioraCouncillor NolandCouncillor OralieCouncillor RamiraCouncillor TerikCouncillor VeliaCouncillor ZarinaCouncillor Kenric Elgar FathdonFintan PyrenFallon Vacker

Stina Destry HeksJensi BabblosMaruca ChebotaDempseyValinLexRexBexDamel KafutaShayda AdelTrellaAudricHuxley

Sir AstinLady GalvinLady IskraLady BelvaSir ConleyLady AlexineSir DonwellSir RosingsSir HardingLady VedaLady AnwenSir BeckettSir CatonLady DaraLady EveraSir FaxonLady NissaLady ZillahLady SanjaCoach RohanaCoach BoraCoach Wilda

Benesh VackerKesler DizzneeBrisaCaprise RedekCeriCyrah EndalHarlin VackerJujiJurekMarella's DadLuzia VackerMai SongNorene VackerOllie HeksOrem VackerQuan SongQuinlin SondenSilla HeksLady Pemberley

Humans (Category)
Foster (Freeman) Family
Amy Rose FosterEmma Iris FosterWilliam David FosterConnor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman
Mr. SweeneyBethany LopezEleanor WrightEthan Benedict Wright IIGarwin Chang

Goblins (Category)
Queen HyldaBrielleBunheadCadocCouncillors' BodyguardsLefty and RightyLoviseWoltzer

Ogres (Category)
King DimitarQueen GundulaCadfael

Gnomes (Category)
CallaBarth the ReaperBrierLurMityaSiorGoraGerdaYuriAmisi

Dwarves (Category)
King EnkiErmeteIrjaKrikorKunYegor

Trolls (Category)
Empress Pernille

Animal Characters

BullhornIggyMartySprocketWatsonThe VerminionVerdiSilvenyGreyfellLunaWynnGildieLinh's Murcat

Stuffed Animals
Bun-BunElla the ElephantHarry the JackalopeLady SassyfurMr. SnugglesMrs. StinkbottomStinky the Stegosaurus

Coding Template

As promised, here's the base coding for a character page! Just copy and paste this into the "Source Editor," and then fill in the gaps in whichever editor you choose!

{{Infobox_Keeper_Characters}}X is a main/side/minor character, introduced in this book. Insert description here.


* Nickname (given by this person)
* Nickname (given by this person)



===[[Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities]]===
===[[Book 2: Exile]]===
===[[Book 3: Everblaze]]===
===[[Book 4: Neverseen]]===
===[[Book 5: Lodestar]]===
===[[Book 6: Nightfall]]===
===[[Book 7: Flashback]]===
===[[Book 8: Legacy]]===

* '''Character (relationship)'''
* '''Character (relationship)'''

* Quote - Book name
* Quote - Book name

* Fun fact
* Fun fact