Hello, it's me again. Yes, with another announcement. Whoops.

We've added a new feature to the wiki: Medals!

Those of you that have 500 contributions or more may have noticed a section on your profile reading "Foxfire Level" with a badge in it. That's to recognize your contributions to the wiki. (If we missed you, let me or Eva know.)

The images were made by Icecream111 and Light and Bright! Credit also goes to CCow for the first drafts of some of the badges.

The amounts for the badges are:

  • Gremlin: 500
  • Halcyon: 750
  • Mastodon: 1000
  • Dragon: 1500
  • Tiger: 2000
  • Yeti: 2500
  • Flareadon: 3000
  • Unicorn: 4000

For those of you without Discord, we need your opinion!

Would you rather have Option A: 1 Medal per user or Option B: Multiple Medals per user? (see pictures in the blog post)

How many Medals?

The poll was created at 01:52 on February 3, 2019, and so far 262 people voted.

That's all for now. Have a great evening (/day/night depending on when you're reading this) everyone!

Catherine (& Eva)

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