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  • I live in My bookcase in Texas
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is High schooler by day, Foxfire prodigy by night
  • I am A female elf
  • Bio 🎵 I'm just a girl trying to find my place in this world 🎵
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  • SophitzFoster

    Wiki Background

    August 4, 2020 by SophitzFoster

    Congratulations to Light and Bright for winning our wiki background contest! I uploaded the new background, and it should start appearing soon!

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  • SophitzFoster

    Hey everyone!

    If you aren't caught up, reference this last blog post for information on the contest.

    I attempted to upload each submission in the Theme Designer to view how they would look, but I encountered a problem: Less than one-third of the submissions were under 300 kilobytes, one requirement for participating in the contest.

    So, if you are not one of the following users, you have until Thursday, July 23, midnight CT to fix your submission and send your updated submission to me.

    Users that have the correct file size: KOTLCandBROADWAY, Krikorandfriends, The Anonymous Asteroid, Light and Bright, Her Cinnamonrollness, HappyShadowThoughts411, and Dotty Zebra Danio.

    Unfortunately, if you do not fix your submission, it is unusable and must be dis…

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  • SophitzFoster

    heLLO everyone!

    Many of probably already know that the fabulous cover of Unlocked is out!

    We'll be holding a contest to create a new background for the wiki based on it.

    • You must have a wiki account to submit. Multiple people are allowed to work on the same submission, and they do not all need to have wiki accounts as long as one of them, the submitter, does.
    • PNG or JPG
    • 300 kilobytes file limit
    • Prominently features Sophie or Sophie/Silveny from the cover of Unlocked (recommended on either side of it so that page contents won't cover it).
    • Submit by July 21, 2020 11:59 P.M. CDT by messaging me.
    • Matches the wiki's color scheme
    • Reference this for other advice

    Administrators (SophitzFoster, Mint-chocolate-mallowmelt, CherryRipplepuffs) will review the submis…

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  • SophitzFoster

    This and this were my primary sources for this post, other than my own memory.

    I don't necessarily mean romantically! But Sophie loves our boy so much.

    "But he was also the boy who'd shown up on her class field trip and shown her where she really belonged. The one who'd let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her family, and who'd gone out searching for her in the middle of nowhere, just because he'd heard her voice in his head." (This quote is from Exile, when Fitz apologizes to Sophie and she remembers why she loves him.)

    "Fitz was the first elf she'd met, and the only one who knew what she really gained—and lost—the day he found her."

    "I'll always remember that you found me and brought me to the Lost Cities and showed me where I r…

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  • SophitzFoster

    Club Index

    June 23, 2020 by SophitzFoster

    This is an index of approved clubs from our club forum board. Once you have a club idea approved, you can add it or ask someone to add it. Unapproved clubs will be removed. If you have to make a new club thread because the old one had too many posts, please update it.

    To edit this list, edit Template:ClubIndex.

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