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  • Sophiefoster18

    I've decided to write a Sophitz story. I promise that I'll write a Sokeefe one soon! This story is on my message wall. Visit me at Sophiefoster18! HERE WE GO!

    (At a Black Swan Hideout)

    Characters: Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Tam, Biana, Tiergan, and Dex


    Keefe: Hey, Foster, can you help me with something?

    Sophie: Sure, Keefe. 

    Keefe: Over here.

    Sophie: Um....okay....

    Keefe: So, you remember when you were holding me on Riverdrift? When we were going to Ravagog?

    Sophie: Oh yeah! You said you'd tell me something "later". Have you told me yet? No. 

    Keefe: Yeah, yeah, Foster. Calm down. I'm telling you now. 

    Sophie: What is it?

    Keefe: Sophie, I like you. 

    Sophie: Ha ha Keefe. I know you like Biana.

    Keefe: I'm not joking, Sophie. I really like you…

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