Some1New Some1New 18 March 2020

signing off

I might come back as a new acc, but for now, I'm deactivating.

farewell, friends.

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Some1New Some1New 6 March 2020

i was bored so i tried to make the kotlc logo transparent

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Some1New Some1New 22 January 2020

new year, new me.

after many twists and turns

and unfortunately a lot of nights that involved crying

I have come to the conclusion

that I am genderfluid.

I am not typically on this wiki too much to change the pronouns in my bio as often as I'd like, so if need be, please just refer to me with they/them. 

also, just felt like posting this here because it's something i've realized about myself and i have no one else to come out too so what the heck why not

it's not pride month or anything but i couldn't wait

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Some1New Some1New 3 January 2020



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Some1New Some1New 20 December 2019

narrative 2: rain, humans, and the world today




Today, I woke up to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the tin roof.  Taking a deep breath, I cracked open my eyes. The scent of freshly wet cement stroked my nostrils. My tongue could taste the large puddles gathering around. A heavy curtain of moisture draped over my shelter. Everything moved sluggish and slow.

Great. Just great.

I don’t know how, but after all these years, “Earth” still manages to rain. 

I was looking forward to being able to go outside today. Oh well. Another day indoors.

It’s near the end of  “August”, as the humans called it. I guess this is the “season” for rain? Who knows? I just know I hate this time of year. Now I’ve got nothing to do except read about these “humans.”

I honestly still don’t unders…

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