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  • I am sad
  • Bio "The world will give us many reasons to be cold. We have to find the heart not to be." - lost in translation
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  • Some1New

    What is one word you would use to describe the American identity? (for a school project lol)

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  • Some1New

    poetry i guess

    October 27, 2019 by Some1New

    Away, away

    She wants to crawl away

    Far from the stares dripping with shame

    No one asks her to stay

    Stumbling, slipping down the muddy, frozen path

    Ice crunches under her heels and hands

    Coughing up the last warm blood she hath

    In her heart, a new mark, she brands

    They told her she was a burden

    No one wants to bear

    These words seem to haunt her

    Goes she anywhere

    Away, away

    She wants to walk away

    Depart from the repeated whispers of “she’s lame”

    No one tells her she’s okay

    Steps thudding, crushing leaves drained and dead

    The vivid rainbows in her eyes slowly bleed

    No soothing lullaby gets those noises out of her head

    No encouragement her heart will let her heed

    They told her she was weak

    And for this, she despairs

    These words seem to haunt her

    Goes she anywhere


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  • Some1New

    should i post a poem?

    October 24, 2019 by Some1New

    so for my language arts class, I had to write a narrative piece. I wrote a poem, and I kinda wanted to share it here? but like, it's about a character based off me who gets bullied and it ends up kinda sad so like idk if I should post it

    lol if this gets no votes then i won't post it

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  • Some1New

    i'm really sad rn 







    why do all the best people go

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  • Some1New


    October 10, 2019 by Some1New

    I've gotten 3 compliments recently (yes I keep count so I can remember each one whenever I feel down)

    and they've really boosted my confidence and made me feel great

    one was on my eyebrows, one was on my singing voice, and the other was on my sweater

    so for anyone that needs to hear it:

    You're beautiful.

    You're needed.

    You're valid.

    You're accepted.

    You're loved.

    You're wanted.

    You're important.

    You're worth it.

    You need to know that every day.

    Be yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy yourself.

    and your eyebrows are on fleek.

    and if you don't like hugs, then here have some mallowmelt.

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