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  • I live in Asia
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student and professional fangirl
  • I am Female
  • Bio Don't measure your success by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
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  • SamSerene68

    Who we really are

    July 29, 2020 by SamSerene68

    Threw this together in 15 minutes for a poetry competition in school. It's definitely not that great, but I just felt like posting it here. Hope you like it :) If you have any constructive criticism (not plain hate) please do leave it in the comments. PS. apologies for being pessimistic in this

    Who are we, really?

    We're organisms. We breathe and move. We are merely the products of our parents and the results of our environment, brought into this world with no choice.

    Who are we, really?

    We're animals. Our first instinct is to fend for ourselves, and second come those around us. It's natural.

    Who are we, really?

    We're deeply flawed. Every one of us; flawed to the bone, sinking like quicksand in the regrets and remorse of all we should have done- a…

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  • SamSerene68


    January 16, 2020 by SamSerene68

    Hi people. This is just to say that I'm going to be leaving the wiki, at least until October or November this year, or maybe permanently. I might log on a couple of times and respond to a few messages or to a few people, but for the most part, I will be inactive. Stuff in my irl life is just not so great, so i don't think I can come online for quite a while. I really love the time I spent here and all the amazing people I've met, but I've just lost interest in logging onto the wiki and don't really feel like I can commit to any of the clubs or conversations I'm part of here. So, thank you all for being so awesome, and I hope I'll maybe see you soon! 


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  • SamSerene68

    Another Dex Fanfiction

    November 18, 2019 by SamSerene68

    So this is another Dex fanfiction- hope you guys enjoy it! Please remember that I'm open to constructive criticism- no hate though!

    Dex remembered the day he met Sophie at school like the back of his hand. 

    He had leaped back home from school extra fast that day, desperate to get to work. Sophie was having some trouble adjusting to the new school, and the new world and Dex was going to do whatever he could to fix that. He had flipped open his alchemy book right away, getting ready to make some elixirs, all the while a pair of warm brown eyes stamped in his head. 

    I’m doing this for her, he reminded himself, and that was all the motivation he needed to keep going. Nothing distracted him from his work, not even the constant rambling of his trip…

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  • SamSerene68

    Broken Friendship

    June 18, 2019 by SamSerene68

    This is a poem I wrote for school based off of "The Mending Wall" by Robert Frost. Please don't feel obliged to say you liked it, and remember I appreciate any constructive criticism! 

    Stuck together like glue, we were one of the few

    Who had no wall between them

    Walked abreast through every hurdle and test

    No boulders could faze us

    But soon enough, rumors went around

    Cracks spread through our frozen ground

    No more to each other were we true

    For we had gone completely askew

    Lies were in bold and truths were no longer gold

    The current wall between us was even growing old

    Neighbors would tell us that in some more time

    Everything would be all well and fine

    But no amount of mending can renew what's no longer pending

    For everything's gone

    The fire no longer ha…

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  • SamSerene68

    Different Girl

    June 18, 2019 by SamSerene68

    Soo this is a random poem I wrote when I was feeling bored and inspired. Please don't say you liked it unless you really did, and remember than I'm happy to take any constructive criticism :) 

    Somewhere far, far away

    A small, young, little girl lay

    With a big heart and eyes wide

    She was in for life's long ride



    With dreams that reached until the stars

    She watched, observed, everything from afar

    Different from others at her age

    She was always free, never trapped in a cage



    Her thoughts, her fears

    They were all completely beyond her years

    But in the world, she was all alone

    A small plant in a field fully grown



    For her, hope was a burning sun

    Precious, fierce, and never done

    Though she had nothing, she had it all

    She rose back up from even the greatest o…

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