This is me saying goodbye to you guys because I have way too many threads and I can't say goodbye on all of them XD but I'm trying to be serious. *sigh* I just can't juggle all my stuff right now and the Fandom is the easiest to put off for now. I'll definitely come back someday and might check in once in a while, but other than that, I unfortunately have to leave. I hope you guys are all still on here when I come back permanently, but if not, I want to thank you for giving me a great time. I'll miss you guys a lot, but hopefully we can talk again someday. Til then, I, Peri, am signing off. Eat your pears and make sure to share them. Don't feel scared or alone because people are always there for you, and most of all, be kind. Stand up for what you know is RIGHT. And when we meet again, hopefully we'll all have improved society a little, at least in our own little bubble of existence. 😉🍐🍐😢😁


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