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  • PanakesBlossom

    KOTLC Peace

    November 26, 2018 by PanakesBlossom

    All right. So, I don't know about you guys, but I've been feeling that the shipping's been getting a little out of hand. We're smacking both sides (Sophitz and Sokeefe) left and right. The debating has become irrational and heated on both sides. All of us are gettig irritated. All we want is for Sophie to have a happy relationship, and I think we all can agree to that. So let's take a moment out of our day to take a deep breath, and thank Shannon Messenger. Come together. Become friends with someone from the opposite ship. From now on, I dub SundaysKOTLC PEACE DAY, where we try to refrain from smacking other ships or being mean to others. Comment below with a heart or peace sign if you want this to happen. Also, really try connecting wit…

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  • PanakesBlossom

    ==This is a compilation of most of my arguments and counters.

    SOPHITZ!!!== Sophie and Fitz were the two main characters first introduced. As a writer, I know that if THAT happens, something important will happen between the two of them. Fitz actually showed Sophie WHO SHE IS which is something so special, Keefe couldn't touch it. There wouldn't even be a KOTLC series if Fitz hadn't found Sophie. Also, Fitz had been looking for Sophie for SIX WHOLE YEARS before he found her. Therefore, when he found her, it is plausible to conclude that Sophie made a giant impact on his life that only would strengthen their relationship. Fitz was there to lean on when Sophie first came into the Elvin world, when she was struggling with reality. He was calm, s…

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  • PanakesBlossom

    Gelato A Short Story by Sophie E. M.

    Rays of the setting sun fell on a warm square in Florence, Italy, accompanying the sweet smell of Jasmin drifting through the air. It was late afternoon- most of the concession stalls were beginning to close, and the crowd of tourists was thinning.

    A small hubbub emerged from a group a school girls standing at a gelato stand. The cause of their fuss was an incredibly handsome young man boasting perfect dark hair and intriguingly teal sparkling eyes. Although his beauty was un-matchable, the reason for the shocked giggles came from the girl standing next to him. She wore a sky blue tunic embroidered with purple hydrangea blossoms and suspicious long gray gloves. Shoulder-length blonde hair complimented her…

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