Tbh, i really dont know any way to explain all this without crying, so... here i go.

So this morning, i was told that... my grandma has cancer. This was such hard news for me because me and my grandmother were always very close.

Receiving that news was my, like, worst nightmare coming true. So.. yes, I'm permanently leaving the wiki. I really dont know whats going on around, so I'll just try and get over it. But first, I def need to thank some people.

OFC, Keeper2310. Thank you for trying to save up your dads delicious muffins for me. You always seem to make the wiki better by being so kind and awesome, I seriously dont know how you can do that every day.

Eva, thank you for helping me make my very first friend badge. It was super pretty and will forever keep it on my profile and message wall. Thank you :)

Jules! I really really really appreciate you being so happy and kind around the wiki. Not just here, but every possible wiki I am with you.

Charlotte!!! Thank you so so so much for being the first person to welcome me here (other than bot eva, of course) I really felt like I belonged here after I talked to you.

Last but not least, thank you to EVERYONE around this wiki. I really will miss all of you, and I really can't stop crying so I'll end it here. I love you guys <3


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