For those of you who don't know me I am miss voltron! I see so many unfimiliar face on here!!! I regret unofficialy leaving 😞

so yeah I left... but I honestly didn't mean to!! I kind of got irritated with the ship wars. But after I read legacy I was so conflicted as to whether I like Keefe or Fitz with Sophie better. So I think I took a break to realize that I don't need to focus on who Sophie will be with. I want to focus on the story plot and how much fun it is to read these books. Plus I just lost track of time and I didn't feel the need to be on here. 😞

So it's been complicated. I’m completely fine, promise. I just have a lot going on... school is shut down because everyone is worried about the coronavirus, wich is a bummer because I was really having some fun at school! 😅 my mom just had surgery recently so she is a HUGEER pain in my behind then usual. I'm constantly angry with her because she also is being stupid and put a 5 hour limit shut of thing on my phone. Oh and it also shuts off after nine o’clock. 😡 so I’m really mad at her. She’s a giant helicopter mom let me tell you. I had a phone for three years and now she puts on these “precautions” because she can’t get out of bed to look over my shoulder constantly 😡😓

I guess I’ve been kinda distance from the wiki for awhile... I guess I lost track of time. I had basketball happening and now that middle schoolers and high schoolers go to school later then elementary kids I was just kinda swarmed trying to keep up. 😅

But I plan to be more active again here! Now that school is canceled for who knows how long!!

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