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  • MagnisidianSwan

    Councilor Fanfic

    February 11, 2019 by MagnisidianSwan

    Before reading,........... Please note that this is just after Sophie gets her abilities restricted in Everblaze.

    Sophie’s P.O.V.

    I sighed. I never wanted to get into this mess, but if it weren’t for most of the Council I would’ve never felt this pain. Never. But it was mostly my fault.

    Trying to not think of it, I pushed off the covers. Even after several hours of sleep, I still felt a fuzziness in my brain. It wasn’t fair to restrict my abilities, and I don’t blame Dex. It was time to fight back.

    Time to deal with the new enemies. The nine Councillors. First, I had to hail Fitz.


    “What is it? Hey Sophie, are you okay?” It was really good hearing Fitz’s crisp accent.

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  • MagnisidianSwan


    January 4, 2019 by MagnisidianSwan

    Anyone have any ships? If so, write them down in comments!

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