so... this is it.

I've had my account for exactly a year.

and that feels kind of crazy.

it feels like ages, but also so insanely short - which is funny considering this year felt like it lasted forever. I haven't been in an amazing emotional place over the time I've had this account, but hey, that's what new years and fresh starts are for.

(I'm going to try to keep this brief, since it's a school night and I also get weird and sappy when I overthink things)

this site has changed me.

it hasn't all been good. and there have been times where I should've cut out toxic conversations or left for my own grades, sleep schedule, and mental health. but there's been amazing stuff that's changed me, too.

you guys have changed me. it'd take far too long to list all the amazing friends I've made here (in addition to the fact that I'd forget people and would feel terrible afterwards), but you know who you are. and to the friends who've left and will probably never read this, I hope you know how amazing you are even if you can't see me saying this right now.  thank you for everything.

I hope you know how many laughs, smiles, life lessons, and incredible friendships you've given me. I hope you know how awesome you are.

happy shadow thoughts,

Cress <3

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