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  • My occupation is reenacting entire musicals (plus writing like I'm running out of time)
  • I am human, what about you? (she/they, please!)
  • Bio Don't waste today dwelling on yesterday. Today is what prepares you for tomorrow.
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  • MagicDaydreamer

    A Year Gone

    January 8, 2020 by MagicDaydreamer

    so... this is it.

    I've had my account for exactly a year.

    and that feels kind of crazy.

    it feels like ages, but also so insanely short - which is funny considering this year felt like it lasted forever. I haven't been in an amazing emotional place over the time I've had this account, but hey, that's what new years and fresh starts are for.

    (I'm going to try to keep this brief, since it's a school night and I also get weird and sappy when I overthink things)

    this site has changed me.

    it hasn't all been good. and there have been times where I should've cut out toxic conversations or left for my own grades, sleep schedule, and mental health. but there's been amazing stuff that's changed me, too.

    you guys have changed me. it'd take far too long to li…

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  • MagicDaydreamer

    If Marella's page has enough views,
    She'll get to be in the Top Navigation.
    She's been forgotten enough by the author.
    She needs some love from the fans!
    Please increase her views to give her a little chance to shine.

    -the Marella fans

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  • MagicDaydreamer

    Hewwo! I would've posted this little bundle of angsty FedEx fluff earlier, but I had to modify it a lot to be able to put it up on this wiki (if you want a longer version with cursing and kissing, it'll be on Not very well written, but I'm bored so I'll put it here anyway. (if you don't like the idea of shipping Dex and Fitz, don't read this.) Constructive criticism welcome.

    “Hey, Wonderb- erm, Fitzy?” Dex asked the floor.

    Right. Fitz has working ears. And he can hear me right now. Whoops.

    Fitz moved away from the wall he’d been leaning against. “What is it, Deck- I’m sorry, Dex?”

    “Never mind,” he muttered. “I was thinking out loud.” Pressing his nose against the window, Dex wordlessly cursed the world for hating him.

    No, that …

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  • MagicDaydreamer

    Happy Pride Month, everyone! I’ve been putting off writing for a while, but I needed to, so I finally did! Here is a short Marelliana fanfic by yours truly, from Marella's perspective, and set when she and Biana are near the end of Level Six at Foxfire. Yes, I know they are both female, and yes, I know that some people aren’t open to or supportive of LGBTQ+, so I would like to ask that you do not read this or leave any homophobic comments if that is the case for you - however, I don’t want to have to ask people to be okay with something that should be normalized. Constructive criticism is welcome - and oh, btw, I wrote this at 11 PM, so it’s not going to be perfect, anyway, enjoy!

    Marella sighed, attempting and failing miserably to distract…

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  • MagicDaydreamer


    Aelin(aka the wonderful, amazing AwkwardShadowThoughts) and I have SOLVED THE ENTIRE KEEPER SERIES!!!!!!!



    We present to you....

    The Agenda (Warning: Potential spoilers for anyone who hasn't read all of the Keeper books!)

    The agenda believes humans are superior to elves and they want to ally with humans. They, like the Black Swan, want elves to stop being ignorant, but they think that can only happen if there is a war between elves and humans, and the humans win, so they will be helping the humans do that.

    Members(both alive and deceased): Councillor Terik Gisela Sencen Jolie Ruewen Cyrah Endal Alden Vacker Councillor Oralie Quinlin Sonden Councillor Alina Councillor Bronte P…

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