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Hello to all of you reading this! I'm Candy, a content moderator here, and this guide will be all about the organization templates that you can put on article pages, and how to edit them if you feel like they need an update.

We've already touched a bit on the navigation templates at the bottom of pairings, location, and character pages, officially known as navboxes, or navbox templates. In addition, there is also one for pages more generally about the series.


Templates with expandable sections (where you use {{navbox}} and {{navbox/child}}) are generally used for the larger and more universal categories, such as {{Characters}} and {{Places}}. These templates are usually placed at the bottom of pages, though if there is a reference list at the bottom, these go above.

Below are the navbox templates that we have as of now (the day this blog was published).


Main Character Ships

Pairings with Sophie Elizabeth Foster

BianaLinh and BianaLinhDexFitzTamKeefe and FitzJensiKeefeMarellaValin

Pairings with Fitzroy Avery Vacker (a.k.a. Fitz)

DexKeefeLinhSophieMarellaKeefe and SophieDex and KeefeTam

Pairings with Biana Amberly Vacker

SophieDexTamMarellaJensiKeefeLinhLinh and SophieLinh and Marella

Pairings with Dexter Alvin Dizznee (a.k.a Dex)

SophieBianaTamKeefeLinhFitzMarellaStinaFitz and Keefe

Pairings with Marella Adene Redek

SophieTamBianaKeefeLinhDexFitzStinaLinh and Biana

Pairings with Keefe Sencen

SophieTamMarellaDexBianaFitzLinhSophie and FitzDex and Fitz

Pairings with Tam Dai Song


Pairings with Linh Hai Song

SophieMarellaDexBianaFitzSophie and BianaKeefeBiana and Marella

Side Character Ships

Pairings with elves

Alden and AlinaAlden and DellaBrant and JolieElwin and PhysicGrady and EdalineCassius and GiselaOralie and KenricQuinlin and PhysicTiergan and PrenticeDella and AlinaDella and LivvyTiergan and PrenticeForkle and Tiergan

Pairings With Other Species

Bo and RoCad and RoLur and MityaSandor and GrizelSilveny and Greyfell


Lost Cities



CandleshadeChoralmereDawnheathEverglenFluttermontHavenfieldMistmeadRimeshireRiverdriftShores of SolaceSolreefSplendor PlainsSterling GablesWidgetmoor


Black Swan Hideouts

AlluveterreBrumevaleStone House

Neverseen Hideouts

The Sixteen Former HideoutsPallidroseGwynauraValkonianLady Gisela's NightfallVespera's Nightfall

Exile Places

Entrance to ExileGateway to ExileExileThe Room Where Chances Are LostThe Somnatorium


FoxfireThe Gold TowerThe Hall of IlluminationThe Healing CenterThe Silver TowerThe Tutoring Center


The Alenon RiverThe Eventide RiverSpateswale


Blackwater BayClaws, Wings, Horns and ThingsCrooked ForestDawnheath Troll HiveInktide IslandMoongladeOblivymereHall of HeroesPoint of PurityPrism PeaksSiren RockSlurps and BurpsThe Gloaming ValleyThe King's PathThe Matchmaking OfficeThe SanctuaryThe VoidTribunal HallThe Unity FountainWanderling Woods

Neutral Territories

Bosk GorgeBrackendaleMerrowmarshThe Lake of BloodThe Starkrial ValleyThe Strixian PlainsThe Wildwood Colony


ExilliumThe Arch of Dividing


Major Characters

Sophie Elizabeth FosterFitzroy Avery VackerBiana Amberly VackerDexter Alvin DizzneeMarella Adene RedekKeefe SencenTam Dai SongLinh Hai SongWylie Zoran Endal

Known Black Swan Members
Mr. ForkleBlurCoiffeDella Adara VackerGraniteJuline Kalea DizzneeLivvyLurMagnate Leto KerlofMityaPrentice EndalSiorSir Tiergan Andrin AlenefarSir AstinSquallTimkin HeksTinkerWraithJolie Lucine Ruewen

Known Neverseen Members
Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who DisappearedBrantFintan PyrenGethenLady Gisela Minette SencenRuy Tonio IgnisTrixUmberVespera Neci Folend

Important Bodyguards

Alden Dedrick VackerElwin HeslegeLady Cadence TalleLord Cassius SencenEdaline Kelia RuewenGrady Howell Ruewen

Secondary Characters

Elves (Category)
Councillors (current and former)
Councillor AlinaCouncillor BronteCouncillor ClaretteCouncillor DarekCouncillor EmeryCouncillor LioraCouncillor NolandCouncillor OralieCouncillor RamiraCouncillor TerikCouncillor VeliaCouncillor ZarinaCouncillor Kenric Elgar FathdonFintan PyrenFallon Vacker

Stina Destry HeksJensi BabblosMaruca ChebotaDempseyValinLexRexBexDamel KafutaShayda AdelTrellaAudricHuxley

Sir AstinLady GalvinLady IskraLady BelvaSir ConleyLady AlexineSir DonwellSir RosingsSir HardingLady VedaLady AnwenSir BeckettSir CatonLady DaraLady EveraSir FaxonLady NissaLady ZillahLady SanjaCoach RohanaCoach BoraCoach Wilda

Benesh VackerKesler DizzneeBrisaCaprise RedekCeriCyrah EndalHarlin VackerJujiJurekMarella's DadLuzia VackerMai SongNorene VackerOllie HeksOrem VackerQuan SongQuinlin SondenSilla HeksLady Pemberley

Humans (Category)
Foster (Freeman) Family
Amy Rose FosterEmma Iris FosterWilliam David FosterConnor, Kate, and Natalie Freeman
Mr. SweeneyBethany LopezEleanor WrightEthan Benedict Wright IIGarwin Chang

Goblins (Category)
Queen HyldaBrielleBunheadCadocCouncillors' BodyguardsLefty and RightyLoviseWoltzer

Ogres (Category)
King DimitarQueen GundulaCadfael

Gnomes (Category)
CallaBarth the ReaperBrierLurMityaSiorGoraGerdaYuriAmisi

Dwarves (Category)
King EnkiErmeteIrjaKrikorKunYegor

Trolls (Category)
Empress Pernille

Animal Characters

BullhornIggyMartySprocketWatsonThe VerminionVerdiSilvenyGreyfellLunaWynnGildieLinh's Murcat

Stuffed Animals
Bun-BunElla the ElephantHarry the JackalopeLady SassyfurMr. SnugglesMrs. StinkbottomStinky the Stegosaurus


About the Series
Series Page

Released Books
Keeper of the Lost CitiesExileEverblazeNeverseenLodestarNightfallFlashbackLegacyUnlocked

Unreleased Books


Short Stories
Keefe Short Story (Nightfall)Keefe Short Story (Flashback)Fitz Short StoryTam Short Story

Shannon MessengerJason ChanLaura HollingsworthCourtney GodbeyFelia HanakataKarin Paprocki

If you are unsure where you can put a particular template, you can always ask an admin or content moderator.


To create a navbox template, you can use the {{navbox}} and {{navbox/child}} templates. Each navbox has a large collapsible for all the subcategories of the big category, coded for by {{navbox}}. Each subcategory is considered a "child" of the navbox, and is coded for by the {{navbox/child}} template.


To fill out a {{navbox}} template, below is what needs to go in the source code:


The title is at the top of the navbox, the first thing viewers see before they open the template. The background is the color of the navbox (which is usually #1c1c1c). Inside content is where the {{navbox/child}} templates go. Each child template needs a title and pages inside. It is coded for like this:


Elements of the list of pages are generally spaced apart using spaces and a special character like ♦ or ♣.

Series templates

Templates that are placed to the side of the article under the infobox (such as {{foxfire series}} and {{exillium series}}) are for smaller categories that are less universal about the Elvin world. These templates' names end with "series" and their placement in the code of an article page is generally right after the infobox (unless multiple of them apply to a particular page). They use {{series}} and {{series/child}}.


Most series templates have a naming convention of "[topic] series." So for template implementation, this would just be {{[topic] series}}. They should go right under the infobox, if there is one. If there isn't one, they should go at the top. For example:

Infobox (source code):

{{[topic] series}}
body text

No infobox (source code):

{{[topic] series}}
body text

However, you may find that multiple series templates correspond to one article page. If this is the case, you should place the most important/relevant one at the top of the page just under the infobox (if there is one). The other ones should be placed under section titles they correspond to. If the page is long enough, you may put two very important/relevant series templates at the top of the page.

For example, this is approximately how it is formatted on the Sophie Elizabeth Foster page:

{{ruewen series}}
{{foster series}}
Sophie Elizabeth Foster 
{{foxfire series}}
===[[Book 4: Neverseen|Book 4: ''Neverseen'']]===
{{exillium series}}

Family series templates tend to be the most important, so they take precedence in going near the top of the page. Sophie attends Foxfire in most of the books, so it is placed at the top of the History section. However, since she attends Exillium in the fourth book, the series template for this is placed under that section.

On the other hand, some pages are too short for a series template on the right-hand side of the page. For example, there is the Bosk Gorge page, shown below. This has {{exillium series}}. As seen, the column on the right goes much longer than the actual content/body of text.


In these cases, there are generally left-hand side versions of series templates. These are implemented with {{[topic] series/left}}. They add a See Also section to the page and a box below on the left side. So to change the example page, {{exillium series/left}} would have to be placed right below the text on the page instead of having {{exillium series}} just under the infobox.




To create a series template, you can use the {{series}} and {{series/child}} templates. Each series has a big rectangle with a header, image, and subcategories, coded for by {{series}}. Each subcategory is considered a "child" of the series, and is coded for by the {{series/child}} template.

To fill out a {{series}} template, below is what needs to go in the source code:


To create a left-hand side template, replace "series" with "series/left" and you're done!

The displayname is shown in case the generally referred name is different from the page title. Inside content is where the {{series/child}} templates go. Each child template needs a title and pages inside. It is coded for like this:


Elements of the list of pages are generally spaced apart using the character set " • " (a dot character with two spaces on the sides).

References and reference lists

References are used to cite sources of outside information that are still relevant to the series (like the source of the meaning of a name), to cite when an instance when a character was called a certain nickname, or to cite one of the KotLC books when not using the {{quote}} template.

References are made using the <ref></ref> tags in the source code. In the visual editor, you can click on the book (image shown below), and see if you want to use a new or reused reference (one that is already on the page, if you are using the same piece of information).


On a page, a reference is seen as a number in brackets to the top right of the word it is next to.

At the very bottom of a page where there are references, there should be a {{reflist}} template where all of the references are listed.


This would be the proper way to cite a relevant outside source and the outcome:

The name "Sophie," derived from "''Sophía''" (Σοφία) in Greek, means "wisdom."<ref>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_(given_name)</ref>

The name "Sophie," derived from "Sophía" (Σοφία) in Greek, means "wisdom."[1]

This would be the proper way to cite a nickname (under the "Nicknames" section of a page)

*Superfreak<ref>[[Garwin Chang]], one of [[Sophie Elizabeth Foster|Sophie's]] senior classmates, calls her this after her explanation of the [[Lambeosaurus|Lambeosaurus.]]</ref>

This would be the proper way to cite one of the KotLC books:

Quinlin's office is a "square tower with no windows or ornamentation, other than a small sign with precise white letters... all signs of life had vanished, and the small black door was closed tight."<ref>Narration, [[Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities|Book 1: ''Keeper of the Lost Cities'']], page 79, google books</ref>

Quinlin's office is a "square tower with no windows or ornamentation, other than a small sign with precise white letters... all signs of life had vanished, and the small black door was closed tight."[3]

At the bottom of the page where this example information is all cited, there should be a {{reflist}} template in the code, and it should look like this:


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_(given_name)
  2. Garwin Chang, one of Sophie's senior classmates, calls her this after her explanation of the Lambeosaurus.
  3. Narration, Book 1: Keeper of the Lost Cities, page 79, google books