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    Do y'all like it? (hehe I made it)

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    In this story, characters will respond to our fanfiction stories in letters to let us know how they feel about us writing about them.

    Hello all,

    I love how you depict me in stories certain stories, but there are some things I'm rather wary of.

    First off, why am I shown as a person in love all the time? I mean, I admit it, my heart does flutter every time one of the boys in our group does something for me, and sure, Fitz and I do kinda of like each other, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to having kids, or being a full-on star-struck soulmate for any of them. Because, well, we're all really good friends, even though, well, Fitz might be a little more?

    And sure, Keefe is a great person and all, selfless as he is, doing so much for u…

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  • Light and Bright

    Hello Team Keefe!

    December 13, 2018 by Light and Bright

    Hey Team Keefe!

    As some of you may or may not know, a few months back, I created a wiki on Keefe (and solely Keefe). Though working on that wiki, I love the Sokeefe arguments on this page, and was wondering if you guys would be interested in contributing to a full database of Sokeefe arguments, a page for which I have created on the Keefe Wiki I made:

    You may also be interested in the Keefe page on that wiki, which contains not only information, but also Reviews of Keefe, and a complete gallery of all official artworks of him. In addition, there is a collection of fanart of him that I think you guys would love to add on to!

    Here's the link to Keefe's page:


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  • Light and Bright
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