Hey all. I'm taking a break from at least the wiki. It's been rather addicting since I joined, and as much as I love it here, and everyone here, i need to work things out irl, and being less active recently had really helped.

My bunny died about 6 months ago, and even tho I thought I'd recovered, i apparently haven't. I'm depressed all day, every day, and can't stop thinking about him. He was my sweet little angel, and I miss him so much, and can't seem to recover. He was unique, sweet, and my little baby. I'd never been so excited about a rabbit in my life before he came along. And just thinking about him, and the fact that i should've tried harder to save him, i can't stop.

I also wanna focus on activities. I used to be a huge book person, and now I rarely read anything anymore. I've also been really into art and music, and would like to discuss on those. And maybe it'll help distract me. Who knows. :)

Also, please be praying for a friend of mine. She's not doing well health wise, and I almost lost her last week. So if you could all please pray for her and keep her in your thoughts, if really appreciate it.

I'm still gonna be on discord, just cause my awesome friend marshy's helping me through everything and keeping me going, and it's really helping me. (Ty Marshy Genius the awesome sweet genius!!!) And also on wattpad cause that's my place to read till I find a book.

wishing you all the best,


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