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  • Bio Hello, I'm just a huge KOTLC fan and I wish I were an elf, but I'm not. *sad crying noises*
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  • I-ship-sophie-and-keefe

    Okay, so I haven't been active on the wiki much for the past month. And I should have told you that I'd be less active here. But I didn't, so I will now.

    One marvelous day, I joined the Lost Cities Discord. And I started to slowly learn more about the Discord community and neglect the wiki. Next thing I knew, I'd spent a month away from the wiki without noticing.

    So if you're seeing this and you remember me, I'm not really back, but I'm not really leaving. I'm going to be less active on here because I have other things to do. And to the readers of my Sokeefe fanfic, I'm sorry, but that's not going to be continued anymore.

    Have a good day.

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  • I-ship-sophie-and-keefe

    Chapter 3

    Thankfully, Grady didn't ground Sophie. However, he did warn her, "I do not want to see That Boy in your room ever again."

    Sophie found herself clenching her jaw in response, like she did when Keefe had insulted Fitz. "His name is Keefe."

    Vertina, eavesdropping as usual, interrupted. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you like-liked this Keefe dude."

    Sophie glared at Vertina. "Who asked you if I did, anyway?"

    Grady turned to Sophie. "See what I'm talking about? That Boy is a bad influence on you. That's why I don't want him anywhere near you, especially not in your room."

    "He's not a bad influence on me!" Sophie countered. "He's my friend, whether you like it or not! And who said he was?"

    "I did," Grady said. "And next time he comes, you…

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  • I-ship-sophie-and-keefe

    Chapter 2

    Sophie didn't know what she was more surprised about-- Keefe saying he loved her or Keefe calling her by her real name. The two of them were both silent for a while. Sophie was overwhelmed. First Dex. Then Fitz. Now, Keefe. CAN'T MY LIFE BE NORMAL?! Sophie thought.

    Then Sophie broke the silence. "How long have you loved me for?"

    Keefe blushed. "Since a few days after I met you. Or something like that."

    Sophie tugged an eyelash and turned away from Keefe. Why is every boy I meet in love with me?, she thought.

    "What's the matter, Foster?" Keefe asked jokingly, but with concern. "You're hitting me with a lot of emotions, mainly being overwhelmed."

    Sophie looked at Keefe, sighed, and finally said, "Keefe, leave me alone."

    Keefe frowned. "Ple…

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  • I-ship-sophie-and-keefe

    Chapter 1

    Sophie woke up to banging on her bedroom door. She rubbed her eyes and got out of her bed.

    "UNLOCK THE DOOR!" a voice said, probably from behind the door. Sophie sighed, rubbed her eyes, and unlocked the door. She opened it to a smiling...


    Keefe only grinned. "Foster, don't be so surprised. Doesn't your Fitzy-poo come and beg you to unlock your bedroom door? Doesn't he flirt and shove roses in your hands and make you blush?"

    "Uh..." Sophie began, but Keefe continued. "And THEN he probably goes into your mind and flirt telepathically and does all that mushy-gushy love stuff. Ew."

    Sophie thought about what Keefe had said, and frowned. "Now that I think about it, no."

    Keefe looked a tiny bit surprised. "Y'know, Foster, I was think…

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