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    Update: I got an answer, and there are some good news. I added it here.

    This is the letter I submitted today to FANDOM staff about our concerns of the upcoming UCP upgrade. I submitted it through this official link:

    My goal in this letter was to be reasonable and focused on the main issues, in order to have a chance to make a difference.

    Edit: Right now, please don't message FANDOM more about this. I ask each one of you who think that this is important to submit a letter too (an email required). You can copy this letter as it is (changing only the name), or you can take it and tweak it, or you can make your entirely own request. This way or another, we have to do what we can.


    To: FANDOM staff …

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  • HumansCanWinElves

    User blog:HumansCanWinElves/My letter to FANDOM staff

    The stuff below is based on reading FANDOM staff blogs and on experimenting with test wikis.

    That's actually the major change for a wiki like ours, and one of the saddest. The current platform of mediawiki threads is going to be totally thrown away, for technical reasons that are, to be honest, plausible. At least from their point of view. I am afraid they don't realize how much our community relies on using badges and things like that, or don't care since most of the wikis are different. Instead, there is a platform similar to twitter, where you can leave messages and reply to messages, but there is no coding at all. You can make bold text and underlined text but not much more.

    The notifi…

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