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    Thoughts On The Books

    February 21, 2019 by Hihihi nia!


    This book was more exciting than books like Exile or Flashback, honestly. More stuff happens!!! Hopefully Legacy surpasses it. Honestly, it's when Sophie figures out a bunch of stuff and like 400 memories are triggered and then something really exciting happens and AHHHH!!!

    Aaand here comes the Fitz bashing... Honestly? He doesn't have anger issues. He was only mad that Sophie never told him about the missions to Exile with Alden. But I really like the part about Sophie, Silveny, and Keefe getting ambushed by the Neverseen, 'cause that was exciting.

    Uh guys, lemme just say that the best part of that book was when Sophie was sentenced to the circlet ( I love how I said that... ) because it was actually fun to read that s…

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  • Hihihi nia!


    May 2, 2018 by Hihihi nia!

    Guys, do you ever wonder why echolocation isn't an ability??? Because it should be.

    Echolocation is used by many cetaceans to locate objects using sound. It is also used by bats. They listen to the echos to locate the object. Wouldn't that be an amazing ability?

    Sources: Google, Wikipedia

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  • Hihihi nia!

    Sophie and Fitz

    Fitzphie for life. I do not hate Sokeefe, but I just believe that Fitz is a better choice for Sophie. They have been through everything together, becoming cognates, crying on each other's shoulders, fighting. I guess being telepaths counts as a bad match. Whatever. Jolie didn't care. Or take Juline. She didn't care. Kesler is a talentless. So what? Sophie wouldn't care as much, if at all, if she became a bad match with Fitz. 

    Keefe and Sophie

    I understand why people think Sokeefe is Keefe centered, however I disagree with that. Sure, Sophie cares about Keefe very much. Keefe cares very much about Sophie, just like Sophie cares about him. To me, saying that it is Keefe - centered is just incorrect. But I just don't ship Sokeefe…

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  • Hihihi nia!

    Keefe’s a good dude. He’s like the clown of the group. Like, we really need that somewhere in the book. I really miss the days where he and Fitz were like best buddies. Fitz is like missing something part of him in the more recent books, and I do think he was a bit happier when he had Keefe around. Don’t you think so?

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