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  • CustardBursts

    the memo of an archived club.

    The SophitzArmada is an army consisting of both SoKeefe and Sophitz shippers. Both shippers are welcome, you don't need to be Sophitz to join. We come up with arguments against both sides. Feel free to join the Armada! To join, please leave me a message on my message wall.

    The Official Rules:

    1.You have to not hate both Sophitz and SoKeefe.

    2.You have to have read all the books that have come out so far.

    3.You have to have an account or a signature (Signature users need to be approved).

    4. You have to ask a captain to let you in.

    Everyone is welcome in the Sophitz Armada as long as you follow the rules! There is no excluding, the armada was originally meant for Sophitz until it expanded for everyone. Your ship does[…]

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  • CustardBursts

    SoKeefe Argument

    10 août 2019 par CustardBursts
    SoKeefe Argument

    My fully written SoKeefe argument and why I prefer it over Sophitz. I’m not saying that this is why it will/should be endgame, or they’ll eventually end up together, but why I prefer their relationship over any other. CCow the Hydrokinetic has kindly let me use some quotes from her amazing SoKeefe argument which I will put in quotation marks.

    First things first. In the first book, at the very first moment Sophie saw/interacted with Fitz, her heart fluttered and that’s when she first started liking him. This means that her crush on Fitz started forming purely based off of his appearance and good looks. He was a stranger to her, she barely knew him, but when he was showing her around the Lost Cities with Alden, her breath ke[…]

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  • CustardBursts


    3 février 2019 par CustardBursts

    Hey guys! So @Cath, @Person, and I have decided to impersonate eachother by writing a paragraph each. Please vote down below in the polls which story you like best!

    OPTION A: Gildie impersonating @CouncillorPenguin: Hi, I like to pretend I’m a penguin but I’m actually a Dumbo octopus, and EVERYONE knows that. I learned English from my stepcousin’s wife’s aunt’s pet monkey, who’s suprisingly smart for a pet monkey. Who would think that a monkey could have the strength and stamina to steal a dictionary and read it as a bedtime story? I live in the Arctic, you know, just to keep up my reputation of being a Lonely penguin. I’m lonely because there are no penguins in the arctic. I like to pretend I’m a penguin, but you never tell, kids, you n[…]

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  • CustardBursts


    2 octobre 2018 par CustardBursts

    First 30 pages of Book 7: FLASHBACK. The release date of the book is November 6, 2018 but the excerpt of the first 30 pages has been released. This took like so long to make so enjoy haha. ~Spoilers~

    1. Click on the image.

    2. Press the png link, for example, for the fourth (4th) image, once you click on it, at the top right corner, there should be 'Flashback 4.png'. 

    3. Press the image itself 

    4. You should have the option to press a seeing glass to make it bigger

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  • CustardBursts

    My Ships

    24 septembre 2018 par CustardBursts

    Which characters I pair together and think would be great matches. This is just my personal opinion. As of now, from the latest books, my ships are:

    ~Sophie x Keefe

    ~Biana x Tam

    ~Dex x Marella

    ~Fitz x Linh x Wylie (they get their own triangle cause I can't decide)

    ~Sandor x Grizel

    ~Jensi x Maruca?

    Please note: My ships have no persuasion over me and don't change my viewpoint on most. I will always be fair when it comes to administrating and will not let my personal opinions get in the way of justice. I will not favour a ship over the others and I will always be neutral.

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