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aka 🌪Cor🌪

  • I live in Gatlon City🌆🏙 (fictional!)
  • My occupation is troublemaking 😈
  • I am Marella's twin (which makes me Biana's future sister-in-law)
  • Bio Hey! Call me Cora or Cor. I've been a huge KOTLC fan ever since I picked it up in 2018. I'm a huge straight ally and feminist (you will often see me ranting about that on the forums). Also, I ship Sophitz. Yuy!!! 😆 (icon by me of me)
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  • Cora the Guster

    First of all, these are all webcomics made on the website [1]. I will provide links to them. They are not like Webtoons, so if a fanventure has about 300 pages, it's a short-average length ongoing fancomic, but if a Webtoon has 300 pages, it's ridiculously long.

    I have 6 fanventures currently open in Safari on my phone, which will probably break it, and 5 of them are Sburb-style adventures because I like those for some reason (the other one doesn't have a game in it but might because the name is foreshadowing something related to Sburb).

    I'm also ranking the adventures on knowledge of Homestuck needed since they're all fanventures of Homestuck and have/had the troll race, which was created in Homestuck, as well.

    Alright let's get started!


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  • Cora the Guster

    alright, to start this off, this will sort of mix KotLC and Homestuck. I will provide links in this post since you probably won't know what the heck I'm talking about. Please click all the links if you haven't read Homestuck. All of them. AND: this is a really insane theory for comedy purposes, please don't think I actually believe this. :)

    Let's start this off with our main antagonist, LADY GISELA, or GISELA SENCEN.

    Gisela Sencen is a valid troll name (I've been saying this all over the place with a lot of names haven't I).

    Lady Gisela is also a POLYGLOT.

    The color most commonly associated with that ability is PURPLE, one of the highest castes on the hemospectrum.

    Most purplebloods are CLOWNS (swear warning for that link).

    Gisela is known to m…

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  • Cora the Guster

    hi guys!  long time no see!

    i currently identify as genderfluid now, fluctuating between female and agender, sometimes in the middle!  this is really weird and my pronouns are changing day to day, but i figured out a way to tell you my pronouns without actually saying 'i'm using they/them pronouns' or something- it's fairly simple:

    • if i'm typing like this (okay grammar, doesn't capitalize), that means i want you to refer to me with they/them pronouns.  obviously you won't be talking much about me, unless i'm doing something weird and you're ratting me out to an admin (lol), but they're still important!
    • If I'm typing like this (good grammar and capitalization), I'm using she/her pronouns.  This doesn't necessarily mean I'm identifying as femal…

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  • Cora the Guster

    Coding guide!

    December 3, 2019 by Cora the Guster

    Hi!  In case you ever need help making a friend badge, a user page, or anything else, come here!  I'll try my best to help you :)

    Go into source mode.  It won't work in visual mode.

    Ever wonder how people get those background thingys on their user pages?  They're pretty easy!

    Here's some code I put at the beginning of my CoralShip template on the Author's Academy wiki:

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  • Cora the Guster

    LC shirt design

    October 7, 2019 by Cora the Guster


    if you didn't lc with me on 10/07/2019 you wouldn't get it

    I rushed it but then I had to save it 3 times. :(

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