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  • I live in A gutter. You have no idea how many red balloons are down here.
  • My occupation is Sneezing with my eyes open
  • I am a chicken
  • Bio Love your OCs like your adoptive children and everything will be fine.
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  • Chicken tornado

    Fanfiction club

    February 2, 2020 by Chicken tornado
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  • Chicken tornado

    The Beauty of Scars

    December 9, 2019 by Chicken tornado

    An autobiography by Biana Vacker

    Chapter one: Perfect daughter

    My name is Biana Vacker.  It's a pretty name, I've been told, but it makes me shrivle up inside. Vacker. It could innitally be translated to: Perfection.

    Why is that a bad thing? I guess I should be pround. But a part of me has always thought that without flaws, how can someone really love you for who you are?

    Oh boy. There I go getting all deep. Let me take you back to a time in my life where that part of me- the part that has made me into who I am today, was still asleep within me. 

    Waiting for it's wakeup call. 

    June 19, 2016. I remember that day so clearly, and Not just because I'd just bought my favorite pair of lace up sandals (the ones with teal rhinstone studded straps). That…

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  • Chicken tornado

    So this is a blog promoting my theory that keefe will manifest the ablity to snap and conjure pickles out of thin air.

    Just letting you know, there is no logical evidence for this theory, except that it rocks. 

    So there.

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  • Chicken tornado

    Hello everyone, I just put all the chapters together on one page, (Easier to read) and I will be continuing my Fanfic on this blog.  


    The answers were in her hands.

    If only she could open them.

    She'd asked all the right questions, but they'd just lead her to more. 

    When would it end?

    All she wanted was to be a normal girl, but if she fell pray to temptation, then the world would shatter.

    Chapter 1:

    Sophie's POV

    Unmatchable. It didnt used to matter. She used to be just fine without the matchmakers. So why was she trembling? 

    Surely Fitz would understand, Sophie had faith in that. But something was wrong. 

    "What?" she said, a little too harshly.

    The girl behind the desk at the matchmaking office looked just as confused as Sophie was. "I'm sor…

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  • Chicken tornado
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