Hello, people of the KotLC FANDOM,

I am presenting and leading a workshop at the MakerEd Convening on Saturday, October 12, 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm in Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America. My presentation blurb is what is directly below this.

"To be a student in a managed school environment creates obstacles for creative and deep learning. Students like me benefit from 'sandbox' style learning with friends, loose structure, and community goals. In my workshop, we will observe and simulate examples of coding development through collaborations in our online fandom community."

I have not come close to finishing my presentation and I need your help. Because this workshop directly involves my interactions with you, I would like you to be part of my presentation! No, I'm not telling you to book plane tickets to Pittsburgh, I'm requesting that you help to find links and things. For example, I want to show some interactions between users in which people were taught something, whether it was grammar, code, or physics. I will be showing the interaction by copying and pasting the text, not by screenshotting. If there was code or an image involved, I may screenshot that but nothing else. I will also make sure that no one can trace my presentation back to specifically this wiki based on screenshots.

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I will probably be adding on to this blog post, so please stay tuned! Also, try to spread the word. I have less than two weeks to get this done... I should have started earlier!



If you would like to, you can send me the below. I don't need any more, but if you feel like you would really want to have your quote in the presentation, you can!

If you'd like, you can submit some quotes that sum up your experience in coding (or any other learning!) here. I won't link to your usernames or anything, and you can decide if you'd like your name and/or username on there. It's possible that people will be able to find this place due to the quotes, but it would take a lot of searching and only a few people are signed up to go to my presentation right now.

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