So… it turns out I’m leaving the wiki. AGAIN. And this time it’s not my decision. I really really really wish I could stay, but I can’t.

I’m not sure if any of you knew, but this account is a secret from my parents. I have an online library on the family iPad, so I pretend I’m reading when I’m actually on here. But, my doctor thinks an eReader would be better for my eyes, and so my parents decided to get me one. So, that means I can’t pretend I’m reading while I’m on here anymore, because it would seem really suspicious. Which means, I have to leave. There’s no other way for me to come on here, though I don’t think my parents got the eReader yet, so I have some time, I think.

I’m so sad this happened, but I WILL find a way to come back some day. I’m going to college in two years, so I may come back then. Maybe it’s for the best that I have to leave, but I’d finally managed to find a balance between my life here and my real life. But I PROMISE, I WILL COME BACK SOME DAY. Even if the world ends, even if everyone’s gone, I’m going to come back. It’ll be a while until I do. A lot of my friends here might be gone. But I’ll find a way to come back.

Anyway, I still have some time on here. Probably a few days at the least. I’m going to miss you all so so so so much.



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