Bluejayflyingfree Bluejayflyingfree 3 June 2019

Farewell… AGAIN

So… it turns out I’m leaving the wiki. AGAIN. And this time it’s not my decision. I really really really wish I could stay, but I can’t.

I’m not sure if any of you knew, but this account is a secret from my parents. I have an online library on the family iPad, so I pretend I’m reading when I’m actually on here. But, my doctor thinks an eReader would be better for my eyes, and so my parents decided to get me one. So, that means I can’t pretend I’m reading while I’m on here anymore, because it would seem really suspicious. Which means, I have to leave. There’s no other way for me to come on here, though I don’t think my parents got the eReader yet, so I have some time, I think.

I’m so sad this happened, but I WILL find a way to come back some …

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Bluejayflyingfree Bluejayflyingfree 16 May 2019

I have no idea why I’m writing this but it’s KOTLC with ducks

Yeah. Read the title. Anyway.

.*clears throat*

I’m basically rewriting KOTLC, but instead of humans, there are ducks. Instead of elves, there are Strange Ducks. Instead of the Black Swan, there is the Black Duck. So, yeah, it’s basically going to be KOTLC. With ducks. Oh, and the plot line is not my idea, Credit to Shannon Messenger. I’m just re-writing it with ducks.

“Miss Foster!” Mr. Sweeney quaked over at Sophie. “Have you decided you are too smart to learn about prehistoric ducks?”

Sophie forced her eyes open.

“No, Mr. Sweeney.” She mumbled.

“Tell me about the process of evolution for ducks,” He snapped. Sophie sighed, waddling over to him. The sharp thoughts of her classmates poured into her mind.

What a quack-it-all,

Why’d she get into Duck…

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Bluejayflyingfree Bluejayflyingfree 31 March 2019


Edit: I’m back now, after a much needed rest. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Well, after much thought, I’ve decided I’m leaving the wiki. It really saddens me to do so, but I’ve become addicted, and it’s taking over my life. I’ve found I stay up later to go on here, I’ve been neglecting my friends and family, and both my mental health and physical health is decreasing. I’ve had so much fun here, but it’s time to let go and have fun irl.

This isn’t because of any of you, in fact, all the users on here are amazing and I’ve had a lot of good times with you guys. But I need to take care of myself, and persue things in real life too. Sorry, this sounds really cheesy and solemn.

On another note, one of the reasons I’m leaving is because I’m startin…

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Bluejayflyingfree Bluejayflyingfree 30 March 2019

My theories: On ships, Legacy, and generally everything

Work in progress

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Bluejayflyingfree Bluejayflyingfree 17 March 2019

I need advice

I’ve noticed I’m going slightly crazy lately and have no irl friends, and do literally nothing but sit in my room reading/on here all day. So, I think I kinda need to actually do something, like maybe go outside, so I need advice on what activities you all enjoy and maybe have some social aspect to them. Just tell me what things to do are fun, like clubs and stuff, because I literally have no idea what to do in my life and I’m running out of books at the library.

I just realized how far I’ve fallen by asking advice from strangers on the internet, heh.

Anyway, so please tell your crazy-introverted-bookworm friend what she could actually do to accomplish one of the following: make friends irl, have fun, and stop staring at the screen for notif…

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