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  • Berlynn.the.pyrokinetic

    So, I've noticed some of the Legacy fanfics focusing a whole lot on ships (which isn't hard to imagine), but this is just a few of my theories and my own fanfic (; 

    Everyone has their own opinion, and you 100000% great having your own- but please don't give me hate if mine are different than yours! 



    Legacy: T H E O R I E S!

    I think Tam is in DEEEEEEP trouble. (Obviously XD)

    However unpopular this theory is, I believe Grady will go haywire like he was on the edge of when he found out about Brant. (That foul, loathsome, evil little cockroach!)

    I believe that Fitz will struggle with the idea of being part of a Bad Match (I'm sorry!!! It has some foreshadowing to it! I won't really talk about that in the fanfic, don't worry)

    I think (not ne…

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