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'''The Keeper of the Divergent District Interview!''' 
== '''The Keeper of the Divergent District Interview!''' ==
# {{Infobox_Keepers_Characters|title = Morgan|aliases = Book Nerd, Alien, Foster, Ve, Ya Boi|Gender = |Age = 14|eye = Green|hair = Brown|abilities = Vanisher, Conjurer.|foxfire = 7|job = Witch, Tribute, Erudite, Fanperson.|home = Minnesnowta}}{{ClubRecruiting}}
=== '''Keeper?''' ===
SOPHIANA! WE NEED MORE LGBTQ+ SHIPS! I am a Vanisher, and a Conjurer, Fitz is overrated (FITZ+CHANDELIER), and Keefe needs more love.
=== '''Books?''' ===
Books? Did someone say books? Keeper (duh), Divergent (duh again), Hunger Games (again, no duh), and then Septimus Heap, and Michael Vey, and a bunch of other things. (Message me with a genre if you want recommendations)  
=== '''Netflix?''' ===
{{Black lives matter}}
A bunch of random stuff that when I watch it, it drags me deeper, and deeper, and deeper into conspiracy theories until I just can’t even. I watch stuff like Greenhouse Academy, The Flash, and I know the Mandalorian is a Disney+ thing, but it’s fantastic. And of course, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series  
Books?''' '''
* Keeper of the Lost Cities
-Shannon Messenger
* The Letter for the King
-Tonke Dragt
* Loki: Where Mischief Lies
-Mackenzi Lee
* Land of Stories
-Chris Colfer
* Most Likely
-Sarah Watson
* City Of Ember
-Jeanne DuPrau
* The Hunger Games
-Suzanne Collins
* The Matched Trilogy
-Ally Condie
* Anne of Green Gables
-L. M. Montgomery
* Wings of Fire
-Tui T. Sutherland
* Winterhouse 
-Ben Guterson
* Red Queen
-Victoria Aveyard
* Eight Will Fall
-Sarah Harian 
* The Selection
-Kiera Cass
* Lord of the Rings
-J.R.R. Tolkien
* Anything in the Riordanverse
-Rick Riordan
* Skyward
-Brandon Sanderson
* The Steelheart Trilogy
-Brandon Sanderson
* Assassin’s Heart Duology
-Sarah Ahiers
* Lots of other stuff (Ask me!)
== '''Television?''' ==
=== '''YouTube?''' ===
Random gaming channels, 5-Minute Crafts, Thomas Sanders, random Disney stuff, and RWBY!
* The Flash
-CW, Netflix
* The Letter for the King
* Greenhouse Academy
* Lego Masters
* Steven Universe
* Gravity Falls
-Disney+, Hulu
* When Calls the Heart
* Fuller House
* Fixer Upper
=== '''Minecraft?''' ===
Uh, heck yes. Creative, survival, hardcore? I do it all. I am currently building Hogwarts. And Foxfire. 
=== '''Percy Jackson?''' ===
== '''Music?''' ==
=== '''Harry Potter?''' ===
Did someone say HARRY POTTER? They must have, because I’m a Slytherin and proud, with a wolf Patronus, and a thirteen inch vinewood wand with dragon heartstring. DRARRY!
* Elle Limebear 
* Colton Dixon
* Disney soundtracks
* TobyMac 
* The Lightning Thief Musical
* Harry and the Potters
* Draco and the Malfoys
* Tonks and the Aurors
* The Whomping Willows
* Hank Green
* The Bright Wild
* Capital Kings
* Flyleaf
* Hey Marseilles 
* Lindsey Stirling
* Olivia Rodrigo
* Paramore
* Owl City 
* Skillet
* Sleeping At Last
* Downplay
* Arrows To Athens
* Wolf Gang
* Zayde Wølf
* Sincerely, Me
=== '''Music?''' ===
Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, LEDGER, Skillet, TobyMac, Flyleaf, Jack’s Mannequin, Casiopea, Paramore, and Hollyn, as well as Switchfoot.
== '''Food?''' ==
=== '''Random Facts''' ===
* My name is Morgan.
* Anything with potatoes
* I like candy. (And pickles)
* Pizza
* I read a freaking lot.
* Fish and chips
* Chicken picatta
* Mallowmelt
* Poutine
* Any form of cookie
* Mint-chocolate chip ice cream
* Beef stew
* Mini donuts
* Chicken salad sandwiches
* Escargots (I know, I’m weird)
(I’ll add more later, but I currently do not have the time.)
== '''Keeper!''' ==
=== '''Keeper opinions?''' ===
* Vespera is very dramatic
* Keefe has do it for the vine energy
* Linh is in Hufflepuff
* Fitz will be a Councillor
* Sophie listens to MCR 
* Keefe is a disaster 
* Fitz isn’t a good person
* I don’t have much more than this. Ask me stuff!
=== '''Ships?''' ===
* In no particular order:
* Sokeefe
* Solinh 
* Sophiana
* Kam
* Bam! It’s Tiana!
* Lylie for the Winh!
* Tarella
* Keefitz
* Dexiana
* Marellinh
== '''Random!''' ==
=== '''What to do to survive quarantine?''' ===
* Read
* Play a board game
* Cook
* Bake
* Learn a new language
* Play an instrument (or multiple)
* Listen to some new music
* Find a podcast (Keepercast is great!)
* Research royalty 
* Write a fanfic or an original story
* Chat with people here
* Message with me
* Make edits
* Rearrange your room
* Learn how to knit
* Make a scarf using your newfound knitting skills
* Use conditioner before shampoo as an experiment 
* Make a statue
* Watch TED talks
* Listen to wizard rock (Wrock)
* Watch vlogbrothers
* Watch Esther Earl’s videos
* Watch some Crash Course
* Read about mythology
* Make mallowmelt 
* Make ripplefluffs
* Do sciency things
* Take a Khan Academy course
* Reread Keeper
* Read enough books to make a tower to the ceiling  
==='''Friend Badges!'''===
{{Keeper.Of.Books Friend}}
{{Jo’s Friend}}
{{Missy’s Friend!}}
{{Jules’ Best Friend}}
{{Books-are-the-Best (Sophie)'s Friend}}
{{LoveSokeefeForever’s Friend Badge}}
{{Josie's Friend}}
'''Club Badges!'''
{{LGBTQ+ Supporter}}

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