The Keeper of the Divergent District

aka Morgan

  • I live in A galaxy far, far, away
  • My occupation is Tribute by day, Hogwarts and Foxfire student by night.
  • I am a weirdo.

The Keeper of the Divergent District Interview! Edit

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Keeper? Edit

SOPHIANA! WE NEED MORE LGBTQ+ SHIPS! I am a Vanisher, and a Conjurer, Fitz is overrated (FITZ+CHANDELIER), and Keefe needs more love.

Books? Edit

Books? Did someone say books? Keeper (duh), Divergent (duh again), Hunger Games (again, no duh), and then Septimus Heap, and Michael Vey, and a bunch of other things. (Message me with a genre if you want recommendations)  

Netflix? Edit

A bunch of random stuff that when I watch it, it drags me deeper, and deeper, and deeper into conspiracy theories until I just can’t even. I watch stuff like Greenhouse Academy, The Flash, and I know the Mandalorian is a Disney+ thing, but it’s fantastic. 

YouTube? Edit

Random gaming channels, 5-Minute Crafts, Thomas Sanders, random Disney stuff, and RWBY!

Minecraft? Edit

Uh, heck yes. Creative, survival, hardcore? I do it all. I am currently building Hogwarts. And Foxfire. 

Percy Jackson? Edit


Harry Potter? Edit

Did someone say HARRY POTTER? They must have, because I’m a Slytherin and proud, with a wolf Patronus, and a thirteen inch vinewood wand with dragon heartstring. DRARRY!

Music? Edit

Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, LEDGER, Skillet, TobyMac, Flyleaf, Paramore, and Hollyn, as well as Switchfoot.

Random Facts Edit

  • My name is Morgan.
  • I like candy. (And pickles)
  • I read a freaking lot.

I ship


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(I’ll add more later, but I currently do not have the time.)

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