The Keeper of the Divergent District

aka Max

  • I live in A galaxy far, far, away
  • My occupation is Tribute by day, Hogwarts and Foxfire student by night.
  • I am a weirdo.

The Keeper of the Divergent District Interview! Edit

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Keeper? Edit

SOPHIANA! WE NEED MORE LGBTQ+ SHIPS! I am a Vanisher, and a Conjurer, Fitz is overrated (FITZ+CHANDELIER), and Keefe needs more love.

Books? Edit

Books? Did someone say books? Keeper (duh), Divergent (duh again), Hunger Games (again, no duh), and then Septimus Heap, and Michael Vey, and a bunch of other things. (Message me with a genre if you want recommendations)  

Netflix? Edit

A bunch of random stuff that when I watch it, it drags me deeper, and deeper, and deeper into conspiracy theories until I just can’t even. I watch stuff like Greenhouse Academy, The Flash, and I know the Mandalorian is a Disney+ thing, but it’s fantastic. And of course, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series  

YouTube? Edit

Random gaming channels, 5-Minute Crafts, Thomas Sanders, random Disney stuff, and RWBY!

Minecraft? Edit

Uh, heck yes. Creative, survival, hardcore? I do it all. I am currently building Hogwarts. And Foxfire. 

Percy Jackson? Edit


Harry Potter? Edit

Did someone say HARRY POTTER? They must have, because I’m a Slytherin and proud, with a wolf Patronus, and a thirteen inch vinewood wand with dragon heartstring. DRARRY!

Music? Edit

Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, LEDGER, Skillet, TobyMac, Flyleaf, Jack’s Mannequin, Casiopea, Paramore, and Hollyn, as well as Switchfoot.

Random Facts Edit

  • My name is Max
  • I like candy
  • I read a freaking lot
  • I like fish and chips
  • I like dipping fries in milkshakes

I ship


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Make Keefe a Pickle Snapper

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Keefe needs this, he's had a hard life and deserves a pickle.
Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 12.18.38 PM
He should be able to snap and one of these delicious bumpy green treats will appear.
Because we all need a pickle.

I ship


(I’ll add more later, but I currently do not have the time.)

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