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This user was born within the days August 23rd and September 23rd and given the astrological sign/zodiac of the Virgo. Their symbol is the maiden.

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This badge symbolizes your friendship with Candy!
She considers you a true friend and loves spending time with you. What does this mean, you may ask? She makes sure to go by the quotes below when with you. She doesn't care how different you are from her: she just loves it when you brighten her day. You'd put up with her even when she's not going through the best time in her life. And most importantly, she trusts you.
"It's okay to be different... we face our own things, and that's not so bad because we have people who care about us to help us through."
– Sophie Foster, Neverseen
"So... I'm learning to focus on the things I can control, like... who I want by my side-even if it means asking those people to risk their lives."
‎‎– Sophie Foster, Flashback
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Thank you Z-FunWithBooks for making my profile so gorgeous!!! <3

Hey guys! I'm Roro. I love KOTLC and basically live on this wiki so yeah!

Part of the "Towel is Three" club with Charlotte O Cat KOTLC and Z-FunWithBook 

Part of the Obsessive Analysis Club (go to EthanDaCryokinetic's wall to join)

"The people who talk behind you BELONG behind you" ~Z

#immabadsoellerandimproud (Z)

Stuff about me

  1. I am in high school (I love school)
  2. My favorite book series is KOTLC
  3. I also love Harry Potter, the Inheritance Cycle, the Spy School series, The School for Good and Evil series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Hunger Games, Fablehaven, and the Lunar Chronicles
  4. My favorite foods are green beans and sushi
  5. My favorite hobbies are playing games, listening to music, and reading
  6. I play piano, dance, do math team and science olympiad, and GIRL SCOUTS
  7. I want to be a surgeon when I grow up
  8. I am an ISFJ and a Virgo :)
  9. I'm a Hufflepuff (go Hufflepuffs) who I think are very underrated :(
  10. When I went to Harry Potter World in Universal, I got McGonagall's wand

My Thoughts/Opinions on KOTLC:

  2. I ship Sokeefe cuz it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL
  3. I think Dex is underrated (BRING BACK OUR DEXY)
  4. Silveny and Greyfell are such a cute couple ;)
  5. Vespera needs to stop wreaking havoc all the time
  6. Lady Gisela and Lord Cassius need to love their AMAZING son more (poor Keefe)
  7. Linh is absolutely amazing
  8. TAMMY BOI is awesome and needs to get away from the Neverseen asap!!!
  9. Tiana is adorable
  10. Lylie for da Winh!


"You give me the best of me, so you give you the best of you." ~BTS, Magic Shop

"Dream, though your beginnings may be humble, may the end be prosperous." ~BTS

"You never walk alone." ~BTS

"I'm the one I should love." ~Jin, "Epiphany"