aka Kasey Joonyer, call me KC

  • I live in Catland
  • My occupation is Cat whisperer
  • I am a cat.
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Cute Cat Club Edit

The CCC is a cat club, easy to join, you just need to have/want a cute cat. Please also go to the kittens and cats wiki if you want to join. Link: [[1]] Also make edits there if you want to join. It is super important to me.... So please help. To join, since I don't want any messages, add your name and link it. Then do the recommendations.

Founder: TeamKitten with my cat.


Please add your name alone, you don’t need to tell me that you want to join, And remember to contribute to my wiki.

The Strange Ducks Edit

There is an association created by Charlotte O CATS KOTLC called the strange ducks, ask her to join!

P.S. You have to be strange to join.

Tap here for more info: Charlotte O CATS KOTL

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